Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Skincare, Bath, and Beauty Ulta Haul & Review | My Beauty Picks

Gosh. I've only done three posts so far in the month of November. What can I say? I've been living life one event at a time. Life has been going full-speed ahead around here, leaving no time for blogging [at least for taking pictures]. I do have a couple of videos on my YouTube channel, but even that is sadly behind. *sigh* Well, I'm going to start having some guest-bloggers through-out the coming the months, so that will be fun, since I don't always have time to post anymore.

1. Aromafloria Stress Less Ocean Mineral Bath Salts in Lavender [$2.99] -- These were located in the grab-n-go section by the cash wrap, and I decided to try them out since I've been really getting into relaxing baths lately. The downside of these bath salts is that it takes an entire bag for one bath, and the full-sized product is $22 at Ulta. But, the salts do create a soothing bath for sore muscles and create a tiny bit of foam too, which is always a plus in my book.  

2. EOS Coconut Milk Lip Balm [$3.49] -- If you have read my blog for several years, or have watch some of my makeup tutorials, you will be aware that I adore EOS lip balms [especially in Sweet Mint]. I was always getting asked if the coconut milk flavor was any good when I work my shifts at Ulta, so I took the plunge and tried it out. It is good, but I mostly recommend it for people who love the taste of coconut [sadly, I'm not that person]. It was a pass for me, personally.

3. Tri-Costal Bath Fizzer [$1.50] -- I picked up this bath fizzer on clearance to give a try, since I adore the bath bombs, etc... from Lush, and thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. These don't give off as much fizz as the Lush ones do, but they do give off some fizz [and they help make the bath water smooth mostly]. These fizzers are best paired with a matching scent of bubble bath.

4. Tri-Costal Bubble Bath in Tropical Coconut [$1.50] -- Since the only bubble bath I had in my bathroom is from B&BW years ago [not totally sure if it is still good. When does bubble bath expire?] I thought I should pick some up. I found this in the clearance section and I must say it is rather good stuff. Only, just don't buy the bubble bath in the pillow packaging at Ulta, as it is impossible to get the contents out easily.

5. Ulta Beauty Breast Cancer Awareness Compact Mirror [$5] -- Soo...I bought all of this stuff back in early October back when we were raising money for Breast Cancer Research, hence this special compact mirror.

6. NYX Baked Blush in Chiffon [$6.99] -- I've been meaning to give these a try since they first came out earlier this year, so of course I had to pick one up when they were having a NYX sale back in October. These are more of a sheer wash of color, at least chiffon is on me. Just make sure to wipe off the top layer to help apply the blush better, otherwise it won't apply well. Also, I found the packaging kinda bulky and hard to open, but the bow is kinda cute.

7. Bath Fizzies in Pumpkin [$3.00] -- Smells kinda pumpkin-y and has some nice fizz when you use it in the bath, just be sure to pair it with a autumn scented bubble bath when you use it. Check your local Ulta store to see if they have these in-stock still, 'cause mine has them on clearance for $1.50.

8. NYX Slim Lip Liner Pencils in Auburn, Pinky, and Mahogany [$3.49] -- I really love NYX lip pencils and I already own several others in my collection, so of course it was a no-brainer to pick up a couple more colors [especially since they were on sale].

9. Freeman Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask [$1.99] -- I haven't tried this face mask out yet, but I really want to since it is an overnight sleeping mask and MUA Lisa Eldridge is always recommending overnight masks on her YouTube channel [not the Freeman one, more higher-end ones].

Have you tried anything new that is either skincare/bath/beauty lately? Let me know what you have tried and love down in the comments. 



  1. I've been using coconut oil at night as a moisturizer on my face/hands/legs and it's working wonderfully!

  2. Origins Ginger Souffle! It's an amazingly good seasonal body lotion. In these cold Northern climates my hands are already cracked! But a little goes a long way and the smell is FANTASTIC. It's like having a little bit of a spa at home. And at this time of year they have a big bottle (still purse appropriate though) for about $18 -- high quality and will last all year.

  3. Ashley, here lately you've been saying that you don't have much time for blogging anymore:( but whatever you do, NEVER stop Bramblewood Fashion!!!~Lee


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