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Q&A Time with Bramblewood Fashion!

When I was cleaning out my Macbook a few weeks ago, I stumbled across several documents filled with questions from y'all that we had never answered. Oops. To remedy this I have decided to start replying to some of them within some blog posts that were personally addressed to me. Perhaps when we have some more time, me and Gaby will film some Q&A videos with the questions that were addressed to the two of us. Sound good? Good.

How long have you been blogging? I started blogging in 2008, when I started a blog called, Vintage Home Life with my Mum and sisters on Wordpress. Of course, no one else ended up doing the blog with me and it was just me doing all the blogging. Then in August of 2009 I started, Bramblewood Fashion and in October of that same year, A Girls Guide to Homelife. I also have a couple other blogs: Musings of a Vintage Girl [Old Hollywood themed] and Bramblewood Dress Diary [sewing blog for historical/movie costumes].

Why did you start your blog? Since everyone means, Bramblewood Fashion when they ask this question. I started BF as way to share my latest sewing projects with everyone, to help advertise and grow an audience for my Etsy shop [which never took off, sadly].

What made you start a YouTube channel? Let's see here....I really loved seeing the videos that Amanda Flynn would share on her fashion blog, Amanda Beth Online, so eventually I got the courage to just start a channel myself. My first video was of me draping a bodice for my Young Victoria gown -- with no sound, just music. :p  I also saw videos as a way to connect with y'all on an other level, as you could hear my voice and see what I'm like in "real life". Of course, I didn't become comfortable in my videos until the past year or so. :p

How did you make your blog successful? You know what? I have no idea, honestly. I didn't really do much to put my blog out there, except comment on the fashion blogs I loved, make friends with a lot of my early readers [it was easier when there was only 50-100 to be friends with all of those who had a blog], and be apart of a lot of blog events. When I look back at my early posts, I wonder how on earth I got as many readers that I do have. It is crazy. Also, when I first started there weren't that many other Christian modest fashion blogs either, so that could be part of the reason too. There were plenty of LDS modest fashion blogs, but not Christian ones. So, yeah, not much advice here.

What is your advice for taking outfit pictures? First off, become comfortable in front of the camera and with other people watching you. Make sure that you can clearly see the outfit in the pictures. If you don't have a high-quality camera that can blur out the background, make sure that your backgrounds aren't too busy or overwhelm the focus from your outfit. Study other photographers to find your favorite fashion photography look for your blog.

Is sewing something you got into yourself, or was it a requirement? I learned the basics of hand sewing at the age of five-years-old. My mum was always quilting when I was younger and I loved to copy her, so of course I wanted to learn to sew, also our parents always encouraged us to try out as many crafts and hobbies that we wanted to do.

Have you ever designed your own pattern? Lots of times. In fact, when ever I sew something now days I typically only use a vintage sewing pattern or draft my own pattern.

Do you sew very often? Back when my life was simpler and less busy, I sewed non-stop. I was whipping out several articles of clothing a month, over the course of several years starting in 2006. Sadly within the past year, my sewing as slacked off majorly to only a couple projects a year.

Have you ever sewn tee shirts? Yes, I have. They weren't very good at the time I did first try making tee shirts, and I'm sure I can do better now. :p

When did you start getting into fashion? Late. I'm sure everyone thinks that I always liked fashion and dressing well. I'm sorry to say that, that just isn't so, I didn't get into fashion until I started blogging in 2008/09. Haha...meaning I was 18/19 years old, when I started getting into fashion. In fact, when I was in my mid-to-late teens I only wanted to wear historical clothing for everyday wear [think 1770s, 1860s, 1900s, etc...].

Who is your biggest fashion role-model? Let me think here...I wouldn't say that I have one main fashion role-model, but several. If you know me, you would know that I can't pick one of anything as I always do everything with several answers. But some of my favorites are the following: Michelle Dockery, Keira Knightley, Taylor Swift, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Emma Stone, and Jenna Coleman to name a few.

What is your favorite brand of clothing? Gosh! What hard questions. :p Some of my favorite brands though are the following: J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, H&M, ZARA, Lauren Conrad at Kohl's, Kate Spade, French Connection, and GAP to name a few.

Do you prefer online, thrift, or department store shopping? My first option would be thrift store shopping, since I can find amazing brands and deals at our local consignment stores: Simply Chic and Clothes Mentor. Before I had discovered those stores, I really enjoyed shopping the clearance racks at department stores [JCPenny mostly] and Kohl's -- but of course, my choices were limited and I wasn't wearing the brands and styles I really wanted to wear. Of course, I also enjoy doing some online shopping too, but I don't do that too much anymore.

What made you want to start dressing in modest, but fashionable clothing? Right up until I started BF I was wearing those homeschool jumpers of the '90s. I'm sure some of you know exactly what I'm talking about, you know with those wide collar blouses. *grin* I also wore lots of historical costumes and ankle length skirts. Now, during my senior year of high-school I started to want to dress a little bit more fashionable, and away from my "home-school" look of the '90s and early 2000s. I would get inspiration from one of the girls at our church, who's outfits I always loved when ever I would see her at Church on Sunday's and at writing class. So, yeah, that is the basic story.

" say you have such a unique body shape, what are you talking about? I'm 5'9, so I know what its like to try to find clothes that are long enough and fit right! Thanks" "You mention you are tall but in your photos you don't seem that tall to me. I'm tall (5' 9") and can't sew and therefore can't get clothes that fit." I find it kinda amusing that both these girls are 5'9", and they don't think I look that tall in pictures. Anyhow,  I'm 5'8" and what I mean by me having a unique body is the following: my back is longer than the norm, I have freakishly long arms [seriously], but the length of my legs are right between the regular size and tall section of the misses [one section is too short, the other too long]. Also, I have a pear shape body shape, meaning that my hips are my biggest measurement, yet I have a small waist. Someday I want to cover body shapes on BF in an article that covers how to discover your shape, and how to dress for it.

What is your all-time, can't-do-without makeup product? It would have to be between mascara and lipstick. Why those two? I love how mascara opens up my eyes and helps me look more wide-awake, instead of half-asleep. [Always a good thing.] While a good flattering lipstick can add color to my face, and help me look even more put-together and like a lady. I have really good skin, so I don't really need to wear any foundation or concealer [except for my under-eye area]. Also, I'm very comfortable in my skin, that I'm fine if I go without any makeup. But if I had to give up all of my makeup except for one thing, the one I would keep would be my lipsticks.

What is your favorite brand[s] of makeup? Some of my favorite brands are the following: Revlon, Urban Decay, Rimmel London, Benefit, Too Faced, Maybelline, LORAC, Wet 'n Wild, e.l.f [eyeslipsface], and Tarte to name a few. Honestly, I love most brands that I have tried out over the years, I'm not too picky, except I like it if they don't break me out and such. Of course, there are certain things I like from each brand, while some brands I like everything. When it comes to face products, I sometimes have a hard time finding products that are light enough to match my skin-tone and undertone [fair and cool-toned, with pink undertones].

Alright, I think that we will stop right there for now. If y'all have any questions that you would like me and/or Gaby to answer, do leave them in the comments.



  1. I have that problem too--being 5'8.25" "tall" clothing can be too long, but I would rather too long than too short ;) Especially regarding maxi skirts....

    dance a real

  2. Oh, oh, oh....that post on dressing for certain body shapes would be so super appreciated!

  3. I've always wondered... how do you pronounce your sister's name? Hanne-col?


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