Thursday, November 20, 2014

Natasha Styling Skinny Jeans | Guest Post

Hello there, ladies! My name is Natasha and I blog over at What I Wear, What I Do And Why I Did It-otherwise known as "A Modest Fashion Blog."

I'm excited to post today on Ashley's blog, she was one of the first blogs I followed years ago.

A slightly controversial subject amongst modest fashion bloggers is the subject of pants. Some will not agree with me that pants CAN be modest (though not 100% of the time). And that's okay! Everyone's entitled to their opinion, even me.

Here I'm styling skinny jeans. I don't wear skinny jeans often, mainly because they don't look good on me. However, this outfit is an exception. With tunics, such as the one I'm wearing, look best paired with very  fitted pants. Baggy pants would look sloppy in this instance. A bonus? A long tunic covers your rear end, which would normally be emphasized too much in tighter pants. I opted for my Keen boots and a splash of color from my beanie.

I curled my hair using the headband curl technique (tutorial here).

And here's my top five tips for wearing pants:
1. Make sure your pants fit, too tight, too loose, either is an issue.
2. If your pants are a bit too tight, a long shirt/tunic is a great option.
3. Try to pair jeans with feminine shirts or jackets.
4. Pairing a loose shirt with jeans gives you a more polished look.
5. Skinny jeans work best for tucking into boots-bell bottoms/wide legs usually have too much fabric to tuck in, causing sloppy look.

What I'm Wearing:
Plaid tunic-$2.50 thrifted//Skinny Jeans-borrowed//Boots-Keens $95

Thanks for sharing your blog, Ashley!

Now it's your turn, leave me a comment with your tips on wearing skinny jeans.


  1. Love the outfit! I find jeans and pants to be very acceptable as long as you keep it classy! My advise to all ladies on wearing pants of any type is keep the waist high enough! With a tunic, it might not be an issue, but with different styled clothing, it is! I cannot stand seeing a lady's rear end when she sits or bends over and it appears that so many girls just do not mind letting you see their bottom. I'm a young mom, so I bend over about 10000x a day and I always practice bending in the dressing room to see if my pants are OK. Consider that you never (or rarely) see a photo of a lady 50 years ago with a 'muffin top' because pants were worn above the hips instead of extremely low. It's super flattering! (advise from a 21 year-old lover of clothes!)

  2. Cute outfit!!! I have several pairs of skinny jeans and love wearing them with longer shirts/tunics. I just keep the same standard with skinnies that I do with regular jeans (not baggy, not skin-tight... just well-fitted!). I prefer wearing pants over skirts (most of the time, though I do have a few *dreamy* skirts that are better than pants hands down!), so I own many flowy, feminine blouses. Nicely fitting pants with a girly blouse is my go-to look!

    Oh, and I love hats. Yours is adorable!!!


  3. I think pants are perfectly fine :) I appreciate you sharing your tips, particularly because you said you don't look good in skinny jeans--but that you fixed it with a tunic! I've been thinking about purchasing a pair of skinny jeans, but am normally leery of them because of their tightness and their unflattering shape on me. So I will think about doing that :)

    dance a real

  4. I totally agree with you Natasha on how to style skinny jeans, except I no longer wear them! I just fell out of wearing them long ago and I am now a huge lover of tights/exercise pants because they are so comfortable and I love styling them with long flowy tunics or a short dress. My go to fall/winter outfits consists of boots, long tunic, black tights and a jacket. It's great that you are showing us this and I appreciate it all the hard work you guys do trying to keep everything modest yet modern.

  5. I made the transition from a skirts/dresses only person to an occasional pants (trousers as I am from the UK) wearer last year. I started a blog on my experiences Http:// I have a few rules for myself to maintain my modest standards which I feel are important. I ensure that my trousers are not tight, when wearing trousers in public I wear a tunic or long top to cover my rear and also I prefer smart trousers rather than jeans.

  6. Great outfit Natasha! :) It looks so cozy and autumnal. Thanks for sharing Ashley!

  7. This is SO cute. I love your beanie!

  8. I disagree on the whole pants are modest thing but I love your hair! =)

    Love those boots!! And I am all for those plaid/country girl shirts!!!!
    (nice hat!!)



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