Monday, October 6, 2014

Autumn Fashion Inspiration

I have a serious weakness for autumn fashion: the cozy layers, cute jumpers, adorable boots and booties, scarves galore, and just everything that comes with the cooler weather. I never really realized how much I loved autumn fashion, until this year when I was suddenly inspired with all these cute outfits to wear [and not enough day offs to wear them]. When you can only wear black and white clothing to work, it really puts a damper on the autumn spirit of dressing. Thankfully, I can wear all the autumn inspired clothing on my days off, after work [though sometimes I don't change], and when I go into my Dad's office to work.

Autumn Style

This first look just screams coziness to me with the warm colors and layers. I would definitely wear this outfit either to Church, or just on one of my off-days. Gah! Why don't I have a burgundy dress or carmel boyfriend-style cardigan in my wardrobe? Well...perhaps I will locate one at Simply Chic, Clothes Mentor, or thredUP sometime this year.

Autumn Outfit

I really like all the different shades of grey that are found within this outfit, between the shirt, jeans, and scarf. Then with the pops of red found between the satchel bag & nail polish. I'm also really loving the black booties that are featured in both polyvore sets, that I'm hoping to pick up a pair of black booties sometime soonish. Of course, the booties have to be in the right style, a good price, and comfy.

What type of outfits do you love come autumn? Let me know down in the comments, what y'all love wearing. 



  1. I totally agree about autumn fashion; I love it too! And these outfits are soo cute and look super comfy cozy- I may just try and recreate them. ;)


  2. I'm obsessed with Autumn fashion too! I love sweaters and boots most of all! Both of the above outfits are great, though I'd have to say the second one was my favorite... you know how I adore outfits with pops of color!

  3. Cute ideas, Ashley.
    I love; chunky sweaters, riding boots, wool skirts, beret hats, eternity/infinity scarves, just plain long sleeve V neck shirts too.
    I think I love the color palette of Fall most, earth tones are on my color chart.
    A modest fashion blog:

  4. Autumn fashion is definitely my favorite! I live in Southern California so sometimes Autumn can be a littler warmer than usual, but I can still wear warmer clothing! My favorite outfit is a layering dress I just bought, a cute long sleeve, colored tights or stockings, boots, and of course a scarf. There are so many possibilities with Autumn fashion!


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