Monday, October 20, 2014

What I Wore | Mixing Prints: Stripes & Leopard Print

Hello lovelies! It has been a busy weekend around here with our Church celebrating their 50th anniversary on Sunday [I helped with serving cake & punch after a special evening service], I worked Saturday afternoon/evening at Ulta, and then I worked at my Dad's office today. October and early November always seem to be very busy months for us personally, so it kinda explains the lack of posts, though I'm working hard on creating a library of posts right now.

What I'm Wearing
Striped Tee -- J.Crew via thredUP [Free with Credit] 
Leopard Print Scarf -- Simply Chic [$4.80]
Bootcut Jeans -- GAP 1969 via Simply Chic [$4.80]
Faux-Leather Jacket -- Target [$10]
Leopard Print Flats -- Target [$15]
Gold Post Earrings -- Click Six [$1.99]
Lipstick -- Too Faced La Creme in Bumbleberry [$16.50] 

When getting dressed this morning I knew I would need light-weight layers, to help keep me warm in this changing weather. I decided on my 3/4 sleeved striped tee from J.Crew, my latest addition to my scarf collection from Simply Chic, bootcut jeans from GAP's 1969 line, and my leopard print flats and faux-leather jacket from Target. This outfit combination is a classic, both in the fashion world and in my general life, since it combines two of my favorite prints: stripes and leopard print -- both of which I consider more neutral prints [meaning they go with just about anything].

Fun question for y'll: Is there a certain outfit or style you would like to see me style/recreate on BF someday? Let me know in the comments what your ideas are for me, and perhaps someday I will do it. :)



  1. Such a cute outfit! about, Disney's Mulan? ha-ha! that would be VERY interesting to see you try to recreate!-Abi

    1. Hmm...I have an idea on how to recreate Mulan's warrior outfit. :)

  2. Great photos! Your sister is an amazing photographer. And yes, this time of year always seems to zip by quickly for my family too, so much to do and still everyday life. It's hard to fit everything in.

    Not sure you were going for a Disney theme, but upon reading Abi Ant's comment I think you could pull off Snow White rather well if you were going to do a character outfit.

    PS I looked up Simply Chic, it sounds wonderful, but only has three locations! lol great prices on the clothes. you look wonderful!

    1. Thank you! I will let Gaby know that you are enjoying her photography.

      I can easily do a Snow White inspired outfit, as I once went as her for a Disney costume party.

      Yeah, it is kinda a downside that they only have three locations. Perhaps someday will branch out to other states. :)

  3. Ok, so I thought that maybe lots of maxi skirts, and/or full length dresses.
    That would really look good on you!

    1. They do look good on me, but sadly I only own one of each [both in black] nowadays, but I will feature them sometime soonish.

  4. I love that outfit! Especially your leather jacket! I'm hoping to get one similar to it this Christmas... :) I agree with Ashley VBananas, you could easily do the Snow White look! I also think that maybe a Mary Morston inspired outfit would be cool. Don't you have a red coat that looks kind of like hers? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else...

    1. Haha...I've done Snow White before for a costume party, so I already know how to recreate that look. :) I do have a red coat that looks like Mary Morston, what a good memory you have, since I've only worn it like once on BF. :D Here is the outfit post:

  5. I love the stripes and leopard print together! Hmm... Maybe you could do a Taylor Swift inspired outfit? I love her style.

  6. Super cute, Ashley!
    I just adore earth tones.
    A modest fashion blog:

  7. Love this outfit. I'll have to try mixing animal print & stripes sometime.

  8. I LOVE THIS!!!! i very often find myself wishing i were you, but then i remember the ten commandment which is often the hardest to follow: "Do not envy your neighbor's household" ---or your favorite blogger's life. anywho, i think you should remake Anne's dress with the puffed sleeves that was given to her by Mathew in "Anne of Green Gables" with a modern-vintage flare. :)~Lee


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