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How To Dress | 1960s Inspired

1960s Inspired

Hello lovelies! I have been asked a lot to share how to dress vintage everyday a lot over the years, and recently I was asked via email by a reader how to dress 1960s inspired every day. I thought it would be lots easier to share my thoughts via a post, that way I can share lots of pictures to help show my points and ideas. Also, if y'all are interested, I could make this into a type of series of how to dress a certain way perhaps: 1940s inspired, ONCE inspired, DW inspired, etc.... Would you guys be interested in this type of series?

Back to dressing 1960s inspired everyday. The key to dressing a certain era for everyday, without looking too costume-y, is to find clothes/shoes/accessories that evoke the 1960s feel when you look at them. To help train your eye as to what look '60s is to study the styles of the 1960s, this will help you greatly when out shopping at either the mall or the thrift stores. How do you go about studying the fashion of the 60s? Look at old magazines, clothing catalogs, TV shows and movies set/made in the 60s, pattern covers, and at other fashion bloggers who dress 1960s.

Things that Scream 1960s to Me:
  • Dresses [with clean lines and with either a full-ish skirt or a sheath style]
  • Full A-Line Skirts that fall either mid-knee, or just below [or a few inches below]
  • Pencil Skirts
  • Striped Tees
  • Ruffled/Ladylike Blouses
  • Button-Down Shirts
  • Shoes in a Classic Shape [They can be fun, just look at the ones in my collage]
  • Large Floral Prints
  • Cropped pants/capris
I would say, keep an eye out for classic styles when shopping for sixties inspired clothing, especially from stores like: J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and the like. You should also be able to spot 60s inspired clothing at stores like: Target, H&M, and Forever 21 occasionally too, especially during the autumn/winter season.

Of course, their are the online shopping boutiques that sell vintage inspired clothing: ModCloth and Ruche. If you would like to incorporate actual vintage clothing in your wardrobe, check out your local antique stores and malls, thrift stores for 80s clothing that looks 60s, Etsy, and the various online shops that sell vintage clothing.

Then if you can sew your own clothes, the options are endless for you 'cause you can make anything you would like for your new sixties wardrobe. This was my main resource when I was first starting out, now of course I have hardly any time for sewing, which is sad since it relaxes me and brings me great joy.

When first starting out to dress sixties inspired, I would advise that you try to copy outfits that you see and love. The more outfits you copy and the more you study and learn about the fashion of the era, the easier it will become for you dress that way. Of course, if you really want to go all-out, I would suggest that you try to copy 1960s hairstyles and makeup too, to fully complete the look. But when first starting out, keep your focus mostly on the outfits [which is what I did].

Some Inspirational Images:
An Education [2009]
Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman

If you can't tell, I really like the styles of the early-to-mid 1960s -- very classic and ladylike. Of course, most of my style inspiration from the sixties comes from: Audrey Hepburn, Laura Petrie, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, and the likes.

All in all, I would say that my top tips are the following:
  • Learn and research the fashion of the era [can you tell I like studying?]
  • Copy 1960s Outfit that YOU love and adore
  • Find Your 1960s Muse
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Try to work with what you HAVE
  • Have FUN with it!


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  2. Cool post. I think it would be awesome if you started doing a series like this :)


  3. I would love to see a series like this! I love styles from the late 50s and early 60s! I love most things 50s- vintage coke especially!

  4. Yes! I would love more posts in this series! :) And the picture with the cream coat and white gloves is so lovely.

  5. Thanks!! this really helped!! And, YES!! please make it a series! -Abi

  6. Awesome! I've always admired your vintage style. I've never been able to pull it off-but you do it so well!
    And yes! I would love DW or Once inspired, so much fun! Two of my favorite tv shows.
    A modest fashion blog:


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