Thursday, September 11, 2014

Five Leather Jackets for Every Budget

Today I have a rather fun post to share with y'all. I don't know about you, but I have come to really love leather jackets during the autumn/winter season. They are perfect to throw over a tee shirt and skirt, jeans and a tee shirt, or even a super girly dress. At this point I can't afford a real leather jacket [unless I can find one in a thrift store], so I'm going to be sharing both faux and real leather jackets with y'all -- something for every budget.

1. LuLu's Black Swan Heart Black Vegan Leather [$99] -- If you like the look of a shinier leather jacket, you might want to check out this one from Black Swan that is sold on LuLu's website. It also looks like it fits snugly, which is great, a snug fit for jackets is a good thing.

2. Forever 21 Zippered Faux Leather Moto Jacket [$24.80] -- If fashion on a budget is your motto, check out this moto jacket from F21. It does look like it runs on the bigger side, so some of you may need to either size-down or look for another option, as there is nothing like a too big jacket to ruin an otherwise perfect outfit.

3. H&M Biker Jacket [$59.95] -- The song of this jacket from H&M is texture, so if you like to play with textures this jacket is for you. Plus, I find that most of H&M's things are of fairly good quality, especially since I own several blazers and coats from them that I have own for several years and they are still in good condition.

4. Forever 21 Faux Leather Moto Jacket [$42.80] -- Softness just oozes out of this jacket, again from F21, so if you prefer a softer look in your jackets you will want to check this one out.

5. Andrew Marc Haley [$995] -- Now, I know that this jacket is way more money than the rest, but think about this: it is made out of real leather and it will last a lifetime [in fact, you could pass it down to your daughters, eventually]. I think that it would be awesome to own a real leather jacket someday, and this one looks pretty awesome and classic. Also, check out Andrew Marc's website, as there is some really cute stuff on there.


  1. I *love* leather jackets! They are so comfortable and useful!

  2. I recently was watching a fashion infomercial for G by Giuliana's faux-leather moto jackets (I think you can find her stuff on, and yes that is a link). I loved the look of them! They were far beyond my budget though--like $100 normally and on sale for $80 or $90 at the time. I'm a big fan of fashion on a budget, so I try not to buy anything that expensive. However, recently I've been quite taken with the idea of stocking my wardrobe with high-quality items. We'll see where that takes me :)

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  3. I used to not be a big leather jacket fan, but lately I've discovered I like them more... especially the light brown ones!

  4. I've been looking for an affordable leather jacket, and this was SO helpful. Thanks Ashley!


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