Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday Musings

Hello lovelies! How has your weekend been going? I've been working on various things, all of which I'm going to be sharing with y'all today.

  • I've been working on ripping out and moving a zipper on a bridesmaid dress for a friend. It is nerve wracking taking a zipper out, and cutting away some of the fabric [otherwise the seams would be too thick] to move the zipper over an inch. I'm also having to move the dress label and sash.

  • I've also filmed, edited, and uploaded my August favorites for y'all. What were some of your August favorites?

  • My thredUP order arrived today. Which is awesome, since it includes new work clothes all purchased for under $3 thanks to credits & a coupon code. I picked up a Banana Republic knit dress & jumper, and a BB Dakota skirt [which features pockets]. I'll have better pictures of them when I do my "Ulta Chic" Wardrobe capsule post. 

  • This evening I'm going to be watching the newest episode of Doctor Who series 8, since the live-stream isn't working for me this afternoon. Bad internet connection today.



  1. Nice ThredUp haul! I want my hair to look like Clara's so badly. This was my favorite episode so far. *smile*

  2. Good luck with the dress alterations! I've never been brave enough to rip out a zipper, but it's probably nicer than awkwardly taking in on the seams.

    And the ThredUp steals? Awesome. :) There's nothing more satisfying than coupons + cute clothes!


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