Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What I Wore | Navy + Pink for Church

Hello lovelies! I'm going to be sharing what I wore to Church this past Sunday, since I didn't have time on either Sunday or Monday. My Sunday was spent going to Church in the morning, attending my brother's second baseball game in the afternoon/evening, watching some Food Network, and showing the film Thor to my sister's & brother for the first time. To say the least, my Sunday was packed.

Whilst on Monday, I went with some of my sisters and Mum to Simply Chic [our favorite local consignment/thrift store] & Trader Joe's in the morning, cleaned out candles with Gaby [tutorial can be found here], and played Scrabble with my family in the late afternoon/evening before getting ready for bed [me & Gaby teamed up and won the game].
What I'm Wearing
Navy Chiffon Dress w/Pink Belt -- c/o OASAP
Statement Necklace -- Gift from Italy
Navy Pumps -- Kate Spade via Simply Chic [$16]
Stud Earrings -- Kohl's [Free after discount]
Nail Polish -- Rimmel 60 Seconds in I Lilac You [Gift]
Lip Stain -- L'OrĂ©al Colour Riche Lip Stain in Coral Tattoo [$2.98]

When getting ready for church, I knew I wanted to keep it fairly simple and that I wanted to wear my second new dress from OASAP. So I paired my light-grey statement necklace from Italy [it was a gift from the parents whose boy I nannied this Spring, while they were gone on vacation], navy pumps by Kate Spade, and I threw my J.Crew coral cardigan into my handbag incase I got cold during the service.

Looking back onto this outfit, there is something I need to do before I wear this dress again. Make a longer NAVY colored slip for this dress. The built in slip isn't long enough for my taste, so I threw on a white half-slip on underneath, only to discover by the time we got to church that you could see it. The horrors! Otherwise, I adore this dress and I love the way it fits me.


Soo...I'm working on slowly updating the various pages for BF with new/current information. Is there anything YOU would like to see updated or things added? At this point I'm really taking any suggestions you might have.

Also, if you have suggestions for blog series/posts, please let me know! As I really want to work on scheduling out more posts, since I have two jobs right now and life can get crazy in the autumn and winter.



  1. What a pretty outfit!! Navy is one of my favorite colors to wear and it looks beautiful on you!

    - Melanie (www.athistage.blogspot.com)

  2. I love navy. I seriously think I have a new obsession with that color! It goes great with your skin tone and hair color!

  3. Wow, you have such a wonderful taste in fashion! I also liked the way you did your hair, would you perhaps be able to do a hair tutorial on it? :)

  4. Such a sweet look! Really demure. Retro, yet modern with the necklace. LOVE it! :) XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


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