Saturday, April 27, 2013

Marilyn Monroe's cocktail dress fetches a pretty penny

A ‘Hollywood Legends’ auction held this month saw the sale of a range of historic film memorabilia, which went for huge prices to some (very wealthy) film buffs. Amongst the items was a cocktail dress worn by screen siren Marilyn Monroe, which sold for $25,000 – rather a lot of money for a second-hand frock! Still, Marilyn is considered one of the 20th century's most iconic women, famed for her blonde hairdo and bombshell, feminine style.

Hers is a look which will never go out of fashion, and her choice of dresses has interested everyone the world over. In 2012 the famous white dress Marilyn wore in The Seven Year Itch went on display in the UK for the first time, at the V&A’s ‘Hollywood Costume’ exhibition. This same dress was sold in an auction in 2011 for a staggering $4.6 million! If you fancy stealing Marilyn’s style but don’t quite have the megabucks to fund it, there are more purse-friendly ways of looking and feeling like a film star.


Marilyn’s evening wear style was all about figure-hugging dresses featuring v-shaped necklines, balanced with more demure on-the-knee hemlines. For a similar look, get dressed up in one of the gorgeous dresses available amongst the range of cocktail dresses from Many of the dresses look very old Hollywod glam and capture the look you are wanting. Like Marilyn’s favourite frocks, the hemline of these evening dresses sits on the knee, creating an elegant and ladylike silhouette.


Just like all of us, Marilyn dressed down during the day but was still able to maintain her signature style. Again, her secret was to choose pieces which fitted her to the tee and emphasised her womanly figure. A black polo neck jumper in a ribbed fabric is slimming, and will look great with a narrow waist-cinching belt. Marilyn often teamed a polo neck with cigarette-cut trousers, which have seen a return to our high streets in recent years. Matched with heels for a feminine style a la Marilyn.

Do you have a favorite movie, or still picture that you love of hers? I think my favorite film that I've seen of her's is, How to Marry a Millionaire {1953}.

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