Tuesday, April 23, 2013

30 for 30 Remix Challenge | Day 10 (+eShakti Review)

::What I'm Wearing::
Coral/Watermelon Pink Dress -- c/o eShakti
Silk & Lace Blouse -- H&M
Coral Statement Necklace -- c/o Max & Chloe
Floral Post Earrings -- Forever 21
Flats -- Steve Madden via Sams Club

I'm in love with my newest eShakti dress. It fits me like a dream and I didn't have to sew it! Now, I don't mind sewing my own dresses, but sometimes it is a fun treat to get a dress that fits you perfectly that you didn't have to make yourself. Normally, I don't buy my dresses (unless they are vintage, or too cute to pass up) since I have an odd sizing, plus I'm on the taller side too which can add more problems. Enter a site that you can custom order clothing in your size: eShakti. The last time I did a review for them I just picked a ready-made size dress, and that was alright but it didn't fit like this one. Which is why I took their suggestion to try out their custom order feature. Also, when putting in your measurement round up your measurements, it is always better to have a little wiggle room, than not enough I say. *smile*

Let me share some of my highlights on ordering from eShakti.  
  • You can custom order any item to YOUR measurements for an extra $7.50. Which is great for those who struggle finding clothing that fits THEM.
  • They have a quick turn-around time when ordering from them.
  • You can pick if you want your dress to have sleeves, or not and what style you want.
  • You get to decided what length your dress or skirt is.
  • They have adorable designs, there is something for everyone!
What is your favorite item from eShakti? Let me know in the comments below.

What did you wear today for the remix challenge?


  1. Very cute, Ashley! I love the way your earrings match your necklace, and that dress is adorable!
    I love eShakti, and how your can completely customize the dress/item to your style and fit! Such a neat concept and company!

    Linking up today :)


  2. Today for Day 10 of 30x30, I wore a country style outfit! A floral button up, with brown belt, dark jeans, and boots! Oh, and I wore my hair in braids!

    P.S. The color of the dress is really pretty! The dress is really cute!

  3. You look so pretty! I love that dress! eShakti is the best! <3

  4. That is pretty cool that you can order in your own measurements. I have a hard time finding things to fit right with my big hips, long legs, and small everything else.
    This dress is really beautiful on you! I like!!!!

  5. That shirt under the dress is perfection, Ashley!
    Such a cute dress! Eshakti has awesome dresses!
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