Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Who Inspires Me (Fashion Wise) | Lauren Conrad

Are y'all ready for another post in my Who Inspires Me (Fashion Wise) series? 'Cause I haven't done one since December -- which isn't that bad considering I once went a whole year, or so without doing one. Well, this time I'm talking about Lauren Conrad whose style I just adore -- plus her hair & makeup is always flawless too. I haven't even mentioned yet how I love both her Style & Beauty books too, which are filled with wonderful tips that I have used on a daily basis. I have also created a Pinterest board for LC.

 This first look would be fairly easy for me to recreate with my ASOS pleated skirt, a black top + blazer. The second look is just adorable with LC wearing a vintage 1920s dress. ♥
 The first look is perfect for either fall or winter as it is so simple yet chic! While the second look is perfect for that warmer wear during the spring & summer.
I'm in love with Lauren's hot pink dress. ♥
I fell head-over-heels in love with this outfit LC posted on her Instagram. ♥
Alright, I know where Lauren's blouse is from in the first picture. How? Well, I almost bought this blouse at Kohl's (it is from LC's line there) last fall on clearance -- but I didn't {and now I'm wishing I did}. The second outfit is very relaxed, yet stylish with her bootcut(?) jeans, a simple tee, and gauzy scarf {I have one just like hers from F21}.

What do you think of Lauren's style? What is your favorite outfit of her's?


  1. Lauren is *gorgeous*! I love her makeup and hair and (most of) her styles. (And the photos of her are usually funny too!) I actually was able to read "Style" in January and am now halfway or so through "Beauty" :) I don't know what my favorite outfit of hers would be; she looks incredible in just about everything.

  2. I am really liken that striped shirt with the brightly colored skinny jeans right now. I also like the boots and sweater look. I have just discovered that I like her style. My Pinterest board helped me discover that. Oh and thanks for your blog it is an inspiring place to visit and I visit often:)

  3. love Lauren C.

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