Monday, February 25, 2013

Black Dresses for Spring

I don't know about you, but I love wearing dresses, especially in the spring & summer. Now, judging from the title you might not think that a black dress would be the best for warmer months -- but they are very versatile for different occasions (everyday, church, formal events, parties, etc...). Plus you can accessorize black dresses with punches of color, be that with cardigans, scarves, belts, shoes, handbags, necklaces, or just any piece of jewelry.  
Of course, your black dress doesn't have to be solid, it could be in a really cool print like polka-dots, stripes, bows, floral, birds, etc... Now, I really like my polka-dots for dresses (in any color scheme) -- they just fit my style best. *grin* Personally I think every girl needs a basic/simple black dress in her wardrobe. Of course, I haven't found my perfect LBD yet (I need to though). *smile* Anyhow, to give you an idea on how I would style the above polka-dot dress for Spring, let me share a Polyvore set I made for y'all.

Polka-dot Dress for Spring

Personally, I would wear the polka-dot dress with a jean jacket (love those -- perfect for either those cooler days or nights), define the waist with a belt (you could also use a color one), colorful shoes (I picked flats), a nice classic bag (the one I picked matches the leather of the belt), and some cute earrings (of course, you could use any jewelry of your choice). This outfit would be perfect for shopping with friends, a luncheon date, a picnic, or a concert in the park. Of course, you could just wear this outfit for normal everyday wear too, like to work. Also, instead of leaving the jean jacket sleeves down, why not try rolling them up a bit -- looks cute, stylish, and gives off that somewhat relaxed feeling.

You can find all of the black dresses featured in this post on a site called, New Look. It is an UK based company that sells some adorable clothing for fairly reasonable prices (they have a wide range of black dresses -- something for everyone). You should really check their site out.

Have you found your perfect LBD yet?


  1. cute.

    New follower: I am a part of a group giveaway on Frills For Thrills

    Check it out!

    Tiff Ima

  2. Love the set and your ideas for accessories :) I have not found my perfect LBD yet . . . in fact, I never wear dresses if I can help it :-/ They just don't flatter me--or I've never found one that does. But I hope to find a good one soon :)

  3. Hey Ashley!
    I love this post because I just recieved not one, but two plain black dresses from friends and I was wondering how to syle them! Thank you!

  4. Ooh! I love how you styled that polka-dot dress! So cute!

    A couple years ago, I got a simple, black, scoop neck, sleeveless dress with a pleated skirt. I love it so much! It literally goes with everything! xo

  5. Love these black dresses, especially the first dotted one!

  6. Love the polka dots with the camel! Pop of color on the shoes is fab!

  7. Nice dress, perfect for spring.


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