Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dream Spring Shopping List

Sea Shanty Singing Dress in Navy $129.99 // Sail Through My Dreams Top $52.99 // Delight of My Life Dress $69.99 // Cute Clipper Dress $104.99

Bathing Beauty One Piece in Cherry Pie $89.99 // Weaving Presently Bag $69.99 // Style in Your Wake $57.99

Down to the Laced Detail Dusty Peach Maxi Dress $53 // Dollhouse Finest Natural Lace-Up Oxfords $33 // Pleat Retreat Pleated Peach Maxi Skirt $48 // Lucca Couture Daisy Chain Floral Print Midi Dress $86

Elizabeth Pink Embellished Collar Blouse £58 // Nina Khaki Embellished Collar Blouse £25 // Silver Teardrop Rhinestone Necklace £25

What is on your dream spring shopping list?


  1. I am definitely getting an Esther Williams bathing suit this year! She has one on her site that is that same shape as that red gingham one, but it's hot pink. I want it sooooo badly!! <3

  2. Love your new wallpaper!

    Those sailor dresses (and blouse) are so cute! I especially like the self-fabric collar on the blouse--so different from the usual white collar on nautical garb!

    QUOTE: "What's on your dream shopping list?"

    Tartan skirts and ankle-boots, mainly. Actually, most of my wardrobe is in my sewing boxes...waiting to be made/altered! *Halo*

    God bless,
    "Wild Rose"~


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