Monday, January 23, 2012

TV Fashion Inspiration | Jane By Design

Alright, there is a new show that just started, Jane By Design. And I've already fallen head-over-heels with Jane's wardrobe. I found out about the show on a blog I read and I just had to find more pictures. Now, I'm eagerly awaiting for every new episode so new pictures will be released on the show's site.

Reddish-Orange polka-dot blouse {hers is by Marc Jacobs}, Black trousers {hers is by Tory Burch}, Gold chain bracelet, Brown satchel bag, Statement heels {hers are Betsy Johnson}, and Medium sized silver{?} hoop earrings.

Right now I'm like obsessed with this outfit. I have a blouse that is similar {it is the same color & polka-dotted}, and trousers that have the same basic same lines as hers. Hmm...maybe I should do an outfit post of me recreating this outfit for myself.

Floral top {her's is from Anthro}, Blue cardigan {her's is from Zara}, Metallic tiered skirt {her's is by Diane Von Furstenberg}, Orange belt, and Classic leather band watch.

This look is just adorable. I love how the belt picks up colors that are in her top.

Novelty printed blouse {Corey Lynn Calter}, Tulle skirt {BCBG}, Black pumps {Steve Madden}, Black tights, Large red belt, and Black lady bag.

Just make the skirt longer and it is just too cute! Oh, yes. And change the print of the blouse.

Here I love how she is wearing a blue button-down with a statement necklace underneath. I would normally wear the necklace out under the collar. But of course, then it pulls up on the collar.


  1. I love the outfits too! In fact I watched one of the episodes online just because I loved the fashion, but I was very disappointed. The show was not very interesting, nor was it at all family friendly. I do continue to check for the new photos every week for inspiration, but I wish the show was better.

  2. That first outfit is really cute. The rhinestones on the polka-dots are a clever touch--a subtle way to "bling up" a blouse without being in-your-face.
    *Squeal* And her trousers have side-buttons!

    Great, now I'm hooked on this outfit, too! ;-)

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"

  3. Wow, I love those outfits too! I really like the red blouse in the top pic ... it looks so summery and energetic, but sweet. :-)

    I love the white-belt-black look of the last outfit, too. Wish I were skinny enough to pull off a belt! :-D

    Also, Ashley, I wanted to invite you and Gabrielle to come and check out my weeklong movie quiz over at my blog, No More Afraid. You ladies are great at quizzes and I'd like you to try your hands at mine! :-)

    Have a wonderful evening!


  4. I love that Marc Jacobs blouse- so classic and pretty!

  5. My cousin says I look like Jane. ;) Especially with my hair curly-ish. =)

    I really like the top from the first outfit, and the whole of the second outfit. SO cute!



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