Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I Wore - Maxi Dress + Pull-Over Sweater

Purple knit maxi dress made by me {I used this tutorial as a guide}// white sweater H&M// mustard flats Old Navy// dangle earrings F21 
Today was a busy day. I baked bread {I made some of it into bear bread}. Taped movies. Baked a red velvet cake & made homemade frosting. And made some french toast for dinner. To say the least, my right arm is tired. *grin* Now for this busy day ahead I wanted to wear something comfy & simple. Enter a knit maxi dress & sweater. Perfect for a cold winter day full of baking. {If you want to see pictures of my baking, you will be excited to know I'm posting pictures & links to the recipes in a post tomorrow.}

Now what about y'all. What did YOU do today?


  1. Cute outfit, Ashley!
    What is "bear bread"? You have my curiosity peaked! I like to cook and bake, although I take FOREVER in the kitchen! :) Possibly self inflicted...possibly not. I think I enjoy it toooo much. *GRIN*
    Drop by my blog sometime!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell you what I did today! I did school (obviously!:p) read my Bible, super cleaned the house till it was spotless, cleaned my room, made homemade salsa, exercised (sooo soar!), read about 50 pages in Inkheart hmmm...that was about it! :)

  3. Excellent outfit! I'm really bad at following trends, so it's taken me this long to warm up to maxi dresses, but now I'm LOVING yours! I can't believe that it takes less than two yards of jersey!

    Today we made the twenty-hour drive home from our Christmas vacation in the north. I bought 48 invisible zippers ($.15 each, woah!) at a fabric outlet we passed in Virginia. Is it nerdy to be excited about how I'll never have to buy a skirt zipper again in my life? ;)

  4. That's a really cute outfit! I like the maxi dress especially. :)

  5. Love this outfit!!! Super cozy :)


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