Wednesday, January 4, 2012

TV Fashion Inspiration | Mary Margaret from Once Upon a Time

Now, I'm inspired by TV Shows I haven't even watched. Ah, the joys of Pinterest and following bloggers who post about TV Shows fashion. *grin* So, pretty much all of the shows/characters I'll be posting about in this series will be ones I've never even seen one minute in the show. But I've fallen in love with their wardrobe anyways - through pictures online.

One of my newest favorite is Mary Margaret {Snow White} from the show, Once Upon a Time. Her wardrobe is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. - I mean it!! I would say her style is very me. And you know what? I can easily see her style become my look for this summer. Which is great, because I want to redo my summer wardrobe as most of things are from when I was 13-18 {back when my style was different from what it is now}.  

  Isn't this outfit just adorable?!? {her apartment is cute too!} Cream lace blouse/top, cream & blue small print {dots that are very close?} skirt that sits on the waist, brown belt, and vintage-inspired heels w/strap. You know what, I could somewhat copy this look with what is in my closet already. 

*sighs* Looks like a peach pleated chiffon skirt, top unknown, white hi-to-low hem coat, grey oversized bag, white cloche hat, shoes unknown {I'm guessing they are in a vintage-inspired style, t-strap heels, oxfords, or maybe flats?}.

Cream lace blouse, teal cardigan, black pencil skirt, shoes unknown. Another outfit I could somewhat recreate with my closet. Yay!

Alright, she is definitely wearing trousers/dress pants in this screen-cap. So maybe instead of the pencil skirt in the above picture, is wearing pants & not a skirt. hmm....
I just found another angle of the first picture and she is not wearing a pencil skirt, but a pair of plaid trousers

Here we have a mix of vintage with modern....tan skinny pants, white blouse{?}, tan chunky sweater/cardigan, blue 1960s inspired coat {here is the coat she is wearing from Topshop}, baby blue socks, tan oxfords, and a brown oversized bag {looks just like her grey one, but in brown}.

Do you have a TV character who's wardrobe you just adore & would like to see me do a post on? Also, do any of you know of places I can find more Once Upon a Time pictures?


  1. Anne Of Green Gables....
    The Light Keepers....
    BBC Robin Hood.( Marian)...

    I really like her outfits also!!

  2. I watch Once upon a time and Mary Margaret's outfits are always gorgeous! I've often wished for it! Our apartment is beautiful too!

  3. Anne of Green Gables or Road to Avonlea characters...

    Maybe a Jane Austen character... :)

    I just like reading anything, really, even if it isn't my style. :)

  4. ø New Girl ( I just wish her dresses were longer)
    ø Robin from How I Met Your Mother

  5. Once Upon a Time is such a cute show, particularly for a fairy tale geek like me. I love Mary Margaret's wardrobe. :)


  6. Hi Ashley,
    I LOVE "Once Upon A Time" I watch that show every week :) :) Yes, "Mary Margaret's" clothes are cute and I wish I had her apartment, too :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  7. Ashley, you MUST watch this show! It's absolutely wonderful!

    I've found tons of OUAT pics on tumblr.

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  8. Ahh!! I love this post :) And her style is my current favorite inspire-er as well. And YES, her apparent too, wow. Those shoes in the first photo? I've been wanting a red pair for ages now. Someday I'll have 'em and all will be right with the world ;) Thanks for this post, yay!

  9. That first outfit is sooo adorable! Love the vintage-y feel :)

  10. There is the one tv show called "Monk" He has an assistant
    Natalie Teeger and she has the cutest outfits I really wish I had her clothes.
    ~Happy go lucky;)

  11. I LOVE Once Upon a Time and was so happy to see this post!


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