Thursday, January 12, 2012

I ♥ Thursday {no. 18}

I'm really being inspired by chiffon, lace, and more girly-girl styles lately. I can really see my spring/summer wardrobe being inspired by these looks.

1. Decades of Style #5004 2. Decades of Style #5003 3. from this etsy shop 4. Beignet - Colette Patterns 5. Madeleine - Victory Patterns 
This is a mood board of my current, and hopefully, upcoming sewing projects for the coming weeks/months.

I've been getting frustrated with our local big name fabric/craft store lately. They never have the zippers I need. Be that color, or size. So for the past couple weeks I've been seriously looking for other resources to buy my zippers. Enter Zipit an Etsy shop that sells zippers in 36 different colors and in different sizes. Jennie, the shop owner, also ships really fast. Like I ordered some zippers last Friday, they arrived on Monday. Or, Gabrielle ordered zippers on Tuesday, they are supposed to arrive today. I'm going to be buying all of my zippers from Zipit from now on. {For shipping reference, she is located in WI & we are in IN.}

When I told Jennie I was going to be blogging about her shop today, she graciously offered to give y'all a coupon code for her shop. For 15% off your order use the following code: BRAMBLEWOOD. 
What has been inspiring you this week?


  1. I love Zipit! I go through a lot of zippers when making my wallets and things, and I always order from there. :)


  2. I love those girly lacy outfits too! I love that style for Summertime.. maxi dresses/skirts are so comfy and cool in hot weather!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Ashley! I do a lot of sewing and I always have trouble finding zippers. They are either the wrong color or the wrong size, or both. It will be good to have another place to look :)

  4. In your first collage, I adore the third skirt from the left on the top row--the pleated one! Do you know where it's from?

  5. @Lauren The blogger is Kendi {} & the skirt is from her own boutique store {Bloom} in Texas. Here is one kinda like it:

  6. I have the problem of always making spring clothes. I don't like winter very well and I don't like winter clothes. I've already started making a dress for this spring and I have plans for a bunch of other spring things. :D I love spring!



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