Monday, January 4, 2016

Inspiring Photos | Fashion & Beauty Edition #1

I find that during the winter months photos inspire me greatly, and help chase away those winter blues of not knowing what to wear or how to do my makeup. 

What can I say? I thrive more during the warmer months. Colder weather just drains the inspiration from me on how to style just about anything. I find myself copying pictures from Instagram, Pinterest, or even my sisters [mostly Gaby]. 

Here are some photos that are inspiring me right now.  

image source
I actually have pieces in my wardrobe that are similar to this. 

image source
Loving the colours here. The shadows are from ColourPop [a brand I've been meaning to try out for awhile now]. 

image source
I picked up these JCrew Factory flats at my local outlet mall during their after-Christmas sale. Love them! If you follow Gaby's Instagram you may recognize these shoes and yes, we do have matching shoes.

image source
Michelle Dockery & I are twins. Our style is similar. We kinda look alike. We both look best in longer hair. 

image source
Love the colours and photography here.

image source
 I recently picked up a black pleated midi skirt at Banana Republic Factory & I have been busy looking at tons of photos for styling ideas. I kinda have more ideas once warmer weather hits for styling this skirt. 

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