Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What's In My Bag? | Winter 2016

Hello everyone! I'm going to be sharing what's in my bag currently since it has been awhile since I've done one of these [perhaps a year, or so]. The bag I'm currently using was a Christmas gift this past year from my parents, and it is the Street Level Faux Leather Pocket Tote from Nordstrom [$48]. It is an excellent dupe for the Madewell Transport Tote [which has been one of my dream higher-end bags for several years].

This past autumn/summer I've been using smaller handbags to carry my stuff around. That is until I received this tote bag. I'm finding that this bag is perfect for the winter time, as you can stash your winter gear in the bag when you are inside buildings, or even your small shopping bags while out shopping. This bag would also be perfect for traveling. I can't wait to take this bag on our little family trip in March, to test it out for an overnight trip.

In the front pocket I keep my iPhone, headphones, chapstick, and usually my car keys [so I don't loose them]. My iPhone usually hops between my bag and any pockets that are in my clothing or coat. Just depends on my mood for that day, or if I'm expecting a text or phone call.

It is open and free inside the bag -- so I use lots of makeup bags from my Ipsy subscription to keep loose things sorted. I also store my wallet, mints, hand sensitizer, travel toothpaste & brush, body butter/creams/lotions, medication, pens, and notebook loose inside the bag. While different makeup bags will have the following inside of them: pads, lip products, any makeup I need to carry with me, and sometimes coupons.

Once warmer weather hits I'll also throw in sunscreen, sunburn gel, makeup remover wipes, baby wipes, and deodorant.

The bag that always quickly becomes overfilling with products is my lip bag [featured above]. Currently I have a lot of berries, nudes, and peachy tones inside my bag. My favorite brands are currently: Bite Beauty, NARS, Clinique, Tarte, Revlon, and Rimmel. Mostly I'm giving my Urban Decay and NYX lip products a break right now.


  1. I love your wallet, and I have the same one! It's really cute and gets lots of compliments.

  2. Love it! So many pretty things in one bag! I think I'll go organizing my purse now.... 😃

  3. I always love posts like these! That tote is lovely; I've been wanting to find one like that at a more affordable price than Madewell, so I'll check Nordstrom out! :)


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