Friday, May 13, 2011

Feelin' Feminine's Spring Challenge {Day 2}

Here it is, the second day of Feelin' Feminine's Spring Challenge. Are you ready for today's very late post. :) First off, what this challenge is about. The basic idea of the Challenge is to wear skirts for 7 full days and take a photo of your outfit each day, then post it on your blog. You can do different hairstyles, mix and match outfits, and different shoes. While there are no outfit ‘requirements’, we do ask, for the sake of our mission, writers, and readers please make sure that dress/skirt are at least knee length and that shirts aren’t sleeveless.

{read all about the challenge here.}

What I'm Wearing: Navy Blue Polo {J.C.Penny}; Navy & Cream Floral Skirt {made by me}; Sandals {Steve Madden}; Floral Bag {made by me}; Earrings {Kohl's}.

I'm texting my mom here. :)
 I had a full day today. This morning was spent wondering if blogger was ever going to come back and playing with some of my siblings. While this afternoon I played a game of family baseball in the backyard. Boy was it hot outside. Here's a tip: DON'T ever wear polyester in hot weather! Keep to natural fibers. :) You will be glad you did. 

After our game of baseball we went into town and went to the library book sale. I found some awesome things! Including a 1st edition of By The Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder and illustrated by Helen Sewell {1939}. And guess what? I only got the book for $1!! That is just a taste of what I found. If you are interested, I can do a post on what I found this weekend, or sometime next week. :) 

Well, I better get going. My sisters and I are going to have a campout and watch either an old Hollywood movie or a period drama.  

Go ahead and post your outfit for today below. 


  1. Super cute! I love the matching bag!(:

  2. You're just so cute, I love the picture of you texting your Mom!

  3. Almost forgot to take a picture today too! :-) I like your outfit...the skirt & bag are adorable.

  4. Hmm, I heard that blogger was down... but when I got on last night it seemed fine. Hmm.. ;)

    I LOVE your outfit!! That skirt and bag are absolutely adorable. You look really good in blue. :)

  5. I would love to see your book sale finds! :) I am so jealous of the one you mentioned...I'm actually rereading the Little House series and I'm on "By the Shores of Silver Lake" right now. :)


  6. What a beautiful outfit! I love the shades of blue - terrific!

    Congratulations on finding such an old, valuable book for so little, too! :-D

    Love in Christ,

  7. The skirt (and matching bag) are so cute! I love the fabric!

  8. I absolutely love your outfit! :)

  9. Love the matching bag and skirt!! Next time I make me a skirt I have to make me a bag as well!!

  10. I love how similar our styles can be sometimes. :) I wear this same blue polo with a small green floral print skirt. :D

  11. So cute the matching bag! I'd love to hear what other books you found. I forgot if you told me before, were you homeschooled?

  12. Aw, thanks everyone!

    Peggy - Yes, I was homeschooled. :)


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