Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feelin' Feminine's Spring Challenge {Day 7}

Here it is, the seventh and last day of Feelin' Feminine's Spring Challenge. Are you ready for today's post. :) First off, what this challenge is about. The basic idea of the Challenge is to wear skirts for 7 full days and take a photo of your outfit each day, then post it on your blog. You can do different hairstyles, mix and match outfits, and different shoes. While there are no outfit ‘requirements’, we do ask, for the sake of our mission, writers, and readers please make sure that dress/skirt are at least knee length and that shirts aren’t sleeveless.

{read all about the challenge here.}

What I'm Wearing: Blue Patchwork Ruffle Top {Anthropologie}; Navy Blue Cardigan {Old Navy}; Jean "Route 66" Skirt {made by me}; Grosgrain Ribbon Belt {came with the top}; Eiffel Tower Earrings {Etsy}; and Tan Boots {Target}.   

I spent the day working on my Etsy shop. Drafting patterns, sewing skirts {and finding out the zippers I have are broken}, and creating a questionnaire for y'all. :) I want to thank everyone who has answered my questionnaire so far! It has proven most helpful for me. I now have a much better idea on what sizes to make and what length y'all want. Thank you so much girls!

Enter your last outfit for Feel'n Feminine's Spring Challenge below. 


  1. Super cute! I love your shirt!!(:

  2. That top and cardigan combo is SO cute, Ashley! And the ribbon gives the whole outfit an extra special touch. ;)


  3. That outfit is so cute, Ashley! The Anthro top is wonderful. I love the patchwork look. I think our Anthropologie feelings are very similar! (Apphia said, "Ashley sounds just like you!")
    Have a lovely Thursday~
    xxx Achaia

    PS A letter should be coming your way soon!

  4. WOOPS! Sorry for leaving my name twice. I didn't know I was doing that.

  5. That outfit is SO adorable, Ashley!!! Wow, such a lovely top, especially! Loved how you paired it with a matching sweater..too cute! <3



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