Thursday, May 5, 2011

I ♥ Thursday {no. 9}

I haven't done the I ♥ Thursday series since..let me look back into the archives....Oh my! January 27th!!! It's high time I brought this series back, don't you think? Well, here is what I'm loving this week. Feel free to do this on your blog, just link back to me. Or do it in the comment section below. :)

Pleasant View Schoolhouse - Tutorial: How to Fill in a Low-Cut Neckline

Casey of Elegant Musings -  30s Scalloped Collar Tutorial {part 1}

This adorable 1950s dress via Etsy shop Small Earth Vintage

I'm so in love with these earrings. Simple yet so elegant and vintage-y.

Who knew I would love this Nerd Glasses Necklace? Not me.  

Someday I will own a vintage train case. It will be either a mustered yellow or baby blue. 

I'm so excited to be hosting Feelin' Feminine's Spring Challenge May 12th - 19th. 

I'm also giving away a pair of my Lucy Earrings over at God's Daughter. Which is so exciting!

What are YOU loving this week? 


  1. I love this post, Ashley! So cute..the dresses you found are fabulous. :) And awwe..I wouldn't wear it, but that 'nerd' necklace is awesome!!


  2. I love the nerd glasses necklace!!! I'm so tempted to get it now...

  3. Happy day to you, Ashley!

    Those vintage clothes are darling! And I love vintage train cases too. Actually, my Nanny gave me a whole set of her old suitcases (big and medium suitcase + a train case) in baby blue, with her intials on them! I treasure them. My sisters would say I'm a complete nut for any kind of vintage crate or suitcase! I've overrun our room (just slightly) with them, and they insist I can't pick up anymore when we go flea marketing! ::smile::

    I love Casey's scallop collar tutorial. Hmmm.... let me see... what else I'm loving this weekend--- white dresses, Steve McQueen Wanted Dead or Alive TV shows, Lands End Canvas, and '60s poof hairstyles. Oh, and Frank Sinatra!

    Hope you are having a beautiful Friday so far!

  4. Those Nerd Glasses necklace is ADORABLE :)


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