Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What We Are Wearing - Ashley & Gabrielle

Hello everyone! We are back after our little break for Christmas and New Years. Did you miss us? :D Our first post back will be a what we are wearing post. Enjoy!


~What I'm Wearing~

Black Vest w/white blouse dickey - Kohls
White Linen skirt - Made by me!
Black Knee High Socks - Kohls
Black Moccasins w/ black velvet bow - Naturalizers  
Pink Headband - Made by me!


~What I'm Wearing~

Brown Sweater - Kohls
White Cami - Kohls
Jean Skirt - Coldwater Creek
Nature Necklace - Kohls or J.C.Penny's
Brown Moccasins - Payless 

~Ashley & Gabrielle


  1. That first picture is so cute!! :-D

    Yes, I did you miss A LOT! I'm glad you're back now, but I am also glad you had a good time on your trip. :-)

  2. I agree with Elinor! I saw your post on my followings! I'm like "yay!": ) I love both your outfits! Wish I could find a cute vest! None of them seem to fit me! *sob*:) JJ! Have a great day!Natasha

  3. Nice outfits! =) What pattern did you use for the white skirt?

  4. Marian - I used Out of Print Simplicity #4990. You can buy the pattern on the web site still.

  5. You girls both look so cute! I love the first pose. :)


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