Thursday, January 28, 2010

What I'm liking Fashion Wise....

On Monday I went to Target with one of my sisters and mom. While there I saw some lovely things. Target is fast becoming a favorite place for me to shop at for accessories, shoes, and some clothing. One of the main things I saw that I really liked are jeweled headbands. They are so cute.

Here is a set I created of some of my favorite things from Target. Making a set was much easier then posting a bunch of pictures. ;-)

Do you like to shop at Target? If so, what are liking right now.


  1. Beautiful stuff! I love that grey beret and the headbands.

    I just went to Target last week and bought a pair of above-the-knee striped stockings. I like to wear them with my victorian ankle boots, but I'm afraid they look a little bit .... wicked witch of the west, shall we say? :)

    I'm currently in love with Target's Rodarte line. Particularly this dress: Fairly modest for a halter-top, but far too short for my long legs. :( I adore the black ribbon at the neck, though! :)

    I'm a new reader. Discovered your blog through a chain of fashion/craft-related blogs and links and I love exploring your posts!

  2. I love the fedora, but I don't think it would look good on me... ;)

  3. I have gotten some really neat things at target... I like the gray hat you have pictured!


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