Friday, January 29, 2010

Country Tag by Rebecca!

I was tagged by Rebecca over at "Singing in His Name" .

First off the rules:
1. Do a quick post about the person that tagged you saying thanks
2. Answer the 10 questions
3. Follow 3 new blogs and list them.
4. Tag 6 people
5. Challenge one person to do something fun or crazythe 10 questions:

1: Have you ever been to a rodeo? I think I have seen one at a state fair!
2: Have you ever tried to ride a cow? No.
3: Have you ever milked a cow or goat? No.
4: Have you ever been to a Demolition Derby? No.
5: What is your favorite Country song? Uh... I really do not know... Anything sung by Roy Rogers! :D
6: Do you like to hunt? No, but I have always wanted to.
7: Have you ever cooked your breakfast over an open fire in your backyard? No, but I have played that I was doing it.
8: Have you ever thought that the muck was shallow and when you stepped in it, you sank knee deep? No!!
9: What is the hardest thing you have ever done? The Jamestown 400 Treasure hunt. (See Ashley's tag for links on it. ;) )
10: (The question is optional) What's one of your most embarrassing moments? Probably being asked in a class to answer a question, and I could not think of ANYTHING! The worst part about it was that everyone was looking at me. 

I'm not sure if I can think of any new blogs to follow... 

I tag:
Natasha Atkerson over at "What I Wear, What I Do, and Why I Did it."  
Hanne-col at "A Rainbow of Thoughts" (Sorry her blog is a private blog.) :) 
I can not think of someone that hasn't been taged already so, anyone who reads this blog tag yourselves! :D 


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