Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What kind of shoes go with skirts in the Winter?

In a recent comment I was asked the following:

Hi Ashley! I was just wondering... what kind of shoes do you wear with your skirts? It seems like I have a hard time finding shoes that 'pair' right with skirts (especially in the winter). Is there some miracle footwear out there that can keep your feet warm and still not ruin the delicate effect of the skirt? - Anna

Anna, has brought up an excellent question, as it is one that I used to struggle with. And I'm sure that there are others who struggle with the same problem. This post is for them, or for those who are just looking for ideas. =) 

Finding shoes that look good with skirts can be had sometimes. When shopping for shoes you have to find a pair that matches the style of the skirt, and you have to consider the length of the skirt too. Let me show you some examples of what shoes Gabrielle and I wear with our skirts.

                              Cowgirl Boots (Children's Place)    Flats w/bow (MUDD Shoes)

Flats (Payless) T-Strap Heels (Naturalizers)

Fashion Boots (Bass Shoe Outfit)

I have put together a set on Polyvore of some shoes that would look great with skirts. Several of them either I or Gabrielle own and wear with our skirts.

These shoes are from Target and Payless - two great places to look for shoes.  I personally like to wear boots and wedges best in the winter. Boots are the warmest to wear in the winter as they help keep your legs warm. Plus boots look really cute with skirts. Just shop around trying on different styles of shoes, while wearing a skirt, to find one you like and feels warm to YOU. 

I hope you all find this post helpful. 


  1. Good post!! This is a problem for me as well. I'm inclined towards flats at the moment, and I love those blue ones in the picture! Do they come in black?

  2. This is a wonderful post! I always have trouble trying to decide on a warm AND cute shoe. :)

  3. Marian, you would have to check your local Payless store to see if they come in black. As the online store only has the shoe in gold and grey/black in stock. And sometimes the store has different shoes available then the online store. :)

    (The shoe is called American Eagle Audrey Knot Flat.)

  4. Cute shoes! Unfortunatley, I'm 5"8 and I don't like to tower over people, so I stick to flats! But I've always adored(translated) drooled over the old fashioned looking shoes.:)

  5. Natasha, I know exactly how you feel. I'm also 5'8" and don't like to 'tower over people'. Why, or why do the cutest shoes usually have high heels! :)

  6. Wow I'm jealous of you 5'8" girls. I'm about 5'3" and heels are my best friend, next to cowboy boots. I wear boots with everything! When I wear flats I feel. so. short. Of course my best friend says "uhh you ARE short!" :) Check out the Justin Gypsy boots, I LOVE them. I want one in every color, I only have 2 pairs right now haha

  7. One of my suggestions to not getting cold in the winter if your wearing a skirt or dress is to wear leggings with them. They keep your legs warm! :)


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