Monday, July 4, 2011

30 for 30 Remix | Outfit 21 & 22

Cream Tunic Anthropologie / Black Pencil Skirt made by me / Black Belt Forever 21 / Black Pumps Famous Footwear / Cameo Necklace Portobello Road Market / Eiffel Tower Earrings Etsy / Red Polka-dot Scarf Target

Cream Tunic Anthropologie / Jeans J.C. Penny / Cameo Necklace Portobello Road Market / Eiffel Tower Earrings Etsy / Red Polka-dot Scarf Target

You may wonder, where is outfit number twenty? Well....I didn't remember to take pictures of my outfit yesterday until 10:50PM. Yep, just a little too late to take pictures of my outfit. It's really hard to remember to take pictures on the week-end and during the holiday's. So I'll just tell y'all what I wore. =) Let's see...ah, yes, I wore my shorts {hand-me-down Gap}, blue ruffle t-shirt {Ann Taylor}, red polka-dot scarf {Target}, and sandals {Forever 21}.

I really like the outfit I wore to church today. It's a little vintage-y and even a little dash of patriotic. You know what? I really like tucking my Anthropologie tunic into high-waisted skirts. It's cute and different. Oh, I also finished my birthday dress today. It's so cute and something Casey of Elegant Musings would wear. I can't wait to show it to y'all either on Tuesday, or Wednesday. ;-)

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  1. I love all the outfits. And your scarf is so cute! <3


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