Saturday, July 2, 2011

In the good old summertime Blog Party


I love the movie reference this blog party has {old readers may remember I did a movie review last year of this film}. Well anyways, I have found a blog party that has a true weakness for me - old movies! I can NOT let a blog party that includes old movies have me not attend. It's just not right. =)

This week you have a chance to win either Casablanca on DVD or a Bottle-Cap necklace. I'm going for the Casablanca DVD. Why? It has one of my favorite actresses in it - Ingrid Bergman. Enough said.

Let's see here....what are the questions I have to answer? Ah, yes. Here they are.

1. What's your favorite 'old movie' of all time? {Anything before 1970s} - This is a very hard question for me. Why? Most of the movies I watch ARE before the 1970s. ;-) Also, I don't know if I can just pick one movie. I shall name my top three, or so.

Roman Holiday {1953} (movie review)

It has Audrey Hepburn & Gregory Peck + takes place in Rome, Italy + She's a princess and they can't be together = One fabulous movie that I adore! 

You Can't Take it With You {1938} (movie review)

James Stewart and Jean Arthur are in it + it's directed by Frank Capra + has a great storyline = One darling film! 

Desperate Journey {1942} (movie review)

Steller cast {Errol Flynn, Ronald Reagen, Alan Hale, Ronald Sinclair} + the story has the feeling of a G.A. Henty book + it's a fun & exciting WW2 film = One movie I don't mind watching over and over again. =)

I think I'll stop there. I could mention more..*coughs* "Listen, Darling," "It Happened One Night," "His Girl Friday," "The Amazing Mrs. Holiday," "The Sound of Music," "High Society"....*ends coughing fit*

2. Who is your favorite b&w actor? Oh, dear. I really like the following actors {in no order}. Yes, I said "the following." ;-) Don't you guys know by now that I can never pick just one. Just saying. 

                                Cary Grant       Freddie Bartholomew

                           Ronald Reagan    Donald O'Connor

                           James Stewart          Gregory Peck

                            Errol Flynn             Gene Kelly

3. Who is your favorite b&w actress? Once again, I have more than one. ;-) But you knew that. 

 Audrey Hepburn          Grace Kelly

Jean Arthur         Olivia de Havilland 

Deanna Durbin          Teresa Wright

Ingrid Bergman         Myrna Loy

4. Why do you love vintage/shabby-chic? You know what? I really don't know why. I just grew up watching old movies and loving their clothes! And the shabby-chic style is just - so me. It's vintage, girly, and if your talking home decor, a touch of country. 

5. What's your favorite era? (1920s, WWII, etc...) It would have to be between the 1940s & 50s. Most of the movies I watch and magazines I own are from the 40s. But the 1950s clothing looks much better on me, as do the early 1960s. 

So go check out Lizzy's blog now, the host of this charming blog party! Enter the blog party and do follow her blog!


  1. Okay, so I CAN'T pass this one up!! Sometimes I'm amazed at how much alike we are, Ashley! *grin*

    Favorite Old Movie:: Boy, that is hard! (And, as you pointed out, most of the movies we watch were made before 1970.) Okay-- I'll go for-- "North by Northwest", "The Great Escape", "Never So Few", "Shadow of a Doubt", "The Awful Truth"....

    Favorite Actors/Actresses:: Montgomery Clift, Steve McQueen, Errol Flynn, Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Charlton Heston, Audrey Hepburn, Olivia deHavilland, Betty Grable, Gene Tierney, Grace Kelly. Oh, lots!

    Hmmm.. My favorite era would probably be the '40s-'50s-early '60s. I definately would look best in 1950s styles!

    Oh, that's so much fun! I know as soon as I post this I'll remember something!

    xxx Achaia

  2. I'm glad you like Errol Flynn!! :D I'm actually related to him. :) I also LOVE "Roman Holiday"!!!!!! Who wouldn't??? :D

  3. HI Ashley :) :)

    My friend Patti has a blog called "They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To" She always does classic movie reviews. You would lOVE her site. you can find it under my profile, under the list of blogs that I follow ;) :)

    Now on that note, I watched part of an old Abbott/Costello movie called "In Society" Totally romantic and hysterically funny. It will be rebroadcast tomorrow. So I'll make sure to watch the whole thing. Also caught part of a movie with Donald O'Connor called "Francis Goes to West Point"...also totally hysterical :) :)

    Have a great 4th of July weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


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