Friday, July 1, 2011

30 for 30 Remix - Outfit 19

White Tank J.C. Penny / Yellow Striped Cardigan Target / White Skirt made by yours truly / Cameo Necklace Portobello Road Market / Owl Ring Kohl's / Sandals Forever 21 / Purple Leaf Earrings AmandaBeth Online

When I woke up this morning it just felt like it was going to be hot. Do you ever get that feeling? Well, I do and I had that feeling today. So I dressed accordingly - in white with a pop of color. One of my favorite looks in the "good old summertime." {comment if you know where I got that from.} =) 

I'm so excited that after tomorrow I'll only have 10 more outfits to do! The end is near! How exciting is that! But you know what? I've enjoyed posting my outfit posts everyday.

My friends Emily Rose and Breezy of Noble Rose Press are having a sale. All of their paper dolls and coloring book are on sale for $7 until Monday, July 4th, at Midnight. I adore their paper dolls! They are all Christian ladies of our past and they are dressed modestly. Plus they just look beautiful! If you haven't heard of them before go check out their website and blogs. 

Also as today is the first day of July. I have a bunch of new sponsors that you can find on the sidebar. Be sure to check out their sites! I won't do a sponsor post right now because you will find out all about them on July 5th. ;-)


  1. I love that outfit....yellow looks so pretty on you!!!! =)
    I have a question for you...when you pick all your clothing items for the 30 for 30 Remix, do you pick just your favorite pieces of clothing out of your closet, or do you pick them based on versatility?
    Have a great evening!

  2. @Miriam Aw, thanks, Miriam!

    I did a mix of the two. I picked my favorite pieces the ones I always wore before the challenge first. Mostly because they are the only things I can wear for 30 outfits. I also threw in a few pieces that I knew would be versatile for many outfit combinations. As part of the challenge is to not wear the same outfit twice. :)

  3. Nice outfit for the day Ashley! :) It has a nice light feeling!

    (I'm hosting my very first giveaway on my blog, come check it out and enter!)

  4. "In the Good Old Summertime".... the movie with Van Johnson and Judy Garland, of course!

    I love Breezy and Emily Rose's paper dolls too! The Lord has blessed them with incredible talent!!

  5. You're welcome!
    Thanks for answering my questions! =)

  6. White with a "pop of color" certainly is summery. And somehow, it just looks cooler than any other outfit.

    My brother and three of his friends sang that song when they had a barbershop quartet several years ago, so I recognized your reference. A good song, to be sure.

    God bless, and have a happy Summer!
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  7. Just found your blog Ashley and it's really pretty. Good job! I am now following you too. Good luck with the 30 remix, I am going to gear up to try to do the same soon! Check out my blog if you get a chance


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