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Interview - Melanie of Forever His Servant

You all remember Melanie? The second place winner of the Keeping it Classy Fashion Week? Well, we have for y'all today her interview, which was her prize for coming in second place. So without further ado, let's begin the interview. =)

Gabrielle: First off, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Melanie: Hello! My name is Melanie and I'm a 16 year old(almost 17 ;) ) Junior living in Tennessee, although, I'm originally from Colorado and I must say that I love it there. ;) A little bit about me? Hmm...first and foremost I would have to tell you that I am falling in love with the sweetest Prince there ever was, and He has totally captured my heart. Girls, I'm realizing that the more I get to know Him, the better He becomes. How gracious and loving He is! I am so unworthy. I can truly say that for me "to live is Christ, and to die is gain." Life is difficult, but Jesus makes it sweet...and beautiful.

Gabrielle: Do you have any hobbies or passions?

Melanie: I love music; piano and guitar (well, and many others...but those are the only ones I can play). :) I am currently a piano teacher and treasure each one of the unique students God has given me. Even on those days when I don't want to teach, when I look into the captivating eyes of a student or hear their giggles, I know that this is what God wants me to be doing right now.

I also love just worshipping through music..whether that means composing songs of my own or playing worship songs and singing along; either way I love being able to spend some time with my Savior. I treasure those times so much.

I also love photography...God has blessed me with the opportunity of helping a homeschool mom who is also a photographer and it has been such a blessing! I'm just learning; but I enjoy it so much. There is something unique in being able to capture "His Creations" through the lense of a camera.

I also love writing.....

One last thing...I have a passion for purity(physically and spiritually...not just concerning young men, but worldly influences etc.) and living a life of abandon for Christ. I would love to one day be able to encourage other young men and women in these things; whether it is through a book(s), or whatever. I just want to tell others about my life experiences and encourage them to press on toward the prize --the prize of knowing Him more.

Gabrielle: When did you get into modesty & fashion?

Melanie: Oh, boy. Hmmm. I think it was right about when I started realizing that finding modest clothes for a girl my age was going to be quite an adventure! For a long time I was not into the whole "modesty" thing; I mean, I would never be promisccuious, but it was not an actual desire of my heart. But God began drawing me closer to Him and He also began to reveal to me that He wanted that area of my life too. Slowly, but surely, I believe He began to transform my desires to His for me in this area.

Gabrielle: What is your biggest fashion inspiration (pictures/people/etc.)?

Melanie: Oh wow! Hmm...You know, I would almost just have to say a little bit of everything! lol :) My friends tell me I have a style of my own...I love anything from dainty pearls and beautiful dresses, to funky jewelry and crazy shirts! So you could say that when I look at a picture I might notice one bit of that person's style....and do that with several pictures and then make an outfit out of all the tidbits combined. :)

Gabrielle: How would you describe your style?

Melanie: That's a very good question. :) How about modest, vintage, fun, pretty, adventurous, wild, wishful western, somewhat modern? lol I don't know...I love so many different things. I especially love boots and belts....(these go great with skirts and blouses...)

Gabrielle: What are your some of your favorite pieces in your closet?

Melanie: Hmm...I love my long beige, brown, and jean skirt(s). I especially love fun "bubble" shirts and cute plaid blouses...not to mention that scarves can make any outfit fun. :) I love pastel colors; especially blue's and browns.

Gabrielle: What do you think about while picking out an outfit each day?

Melanie: What I'd like to wear and would be practical for the days events. ;) Actually, I started the habit of praying that whatever I wear would reflect Christ in me. I want to shine for Him...even through what I wear. I don't want to be sloppy, but I don't want to be so starched that I can't serve either. :)

Gabrielle: Do you have a favorite style icon?

Melanie: (Whisphers to the person who isn't sitting next to her..."What's a style icon?") I'm totally blank. lol!

Gabrielle: What style blogs do you follow that are favorites?

Melanie: Hmm...well, I love this one. :) Other than that, I don't follow very many actual "style blogs"...I actually just enjoy looking at pictures of what the girls wear who run the blogs that I follow. I get so many fun ideas. :)

Gabrielle: What are your favorite movies to watch - fashion wise?

Melanie: Wow. I've never thought of movies as places to get ideas for "fashion." Honestly, I don't think there are many movies out there worth the time it takes to watch them...but if any of you have seen Come What May, I love how that girl dresses. :) (I might add my own twist [like combine in with some styles from "The Widow's Might"], but that is the closest thing I can think of...)

Gabrielle: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

Melanie: Second-hand stores are great...and every once in a while I'll find something great there! Other than that, I love Cato's and the Dress Barn. Target also usually has cute shirts. JC Penny is great too. I also like Christopher and Banks, but it is extremely expensive.

Gabrielle: Do you have any shopping tips?

Melanie: One -when your discouraged, take a deep breath and pray. :) That is so important...
Second...perseverance is the key! I know there have been times when I have just about given up and then the Lord leads me to something wonderful. He is faithful..even when it comes to clothing! Better said, "especially when it comes to clothing." :) I would also recommend waiting for sales when possible, and looking on the clearance racks. There can be some great treasures there!

Gabrielle: What is your advice to girls who want to dress modestly, yet fashionably?

Melanie: Mmm! I was talking about passionate earlier...excuse me if I ramble. :)

First of all, that it is possible. So many times I've heard girls talking about how it's impossible to dress modestly and fashionably..but it's not.

Why? Because God provides...He cares about every detail of our lives. He will not fail us in this area.

Second on! I know sometimes it can be discouraging...but never give up. :)


Girls, modesty is an issue of your heart. But too often I hear girls use that as an excuse to ignore how the dress or compromise in little areas. Your heart will be reflected in how you protray yourself through the clothes that you wear. We are representing the attributes of our Savior in how we act and dress...therefore let us pursue the attributes of purity and modesty...for these are both attributes of our God!

Gabrielle: What are your favorite fashion and/or beauty tips or tricks? Have you discovered any "secrets" that you'd like to share?

Melanie: Well...I'll have to just speak from my own don't ask me how reliable these tips/tricks are. :)

1) If a dress/blouse is to big around the waist...add a belt! I know that clothes are often very tight around the busts these days, so grab a bigger size and then size the waist with a cute belt. :)

2) Flats and boots are great to wear with skirts...they add a touch of class and femininity, rather than tennis shoes. I also love cute sandals in the summer time!

3)Makeup....okay. I'ts meant to be as an enhancer...not changer. :) (I think you all know what I mean.) I love the natural makeup look....with my blue eyes, I find that warm colors...light and dark browns are great for eyeshadow. Sometimes I think colored makeup (bright blue and purples etc...) can be a little to obvious. I don't want people looking at my eyeshadow/eye liner...but rather my eyes. :)

4) If a dress is too short...slip a pair of jeans can even add a cardigan and a scarf and walah! Just a fun idea...

5) I think pretty jewelry can add a lot to an outfit. So can a cute hairstyle. :) Though there's a balance between spending hours on your hair and doing nothing....or wearing a ton of jewelry and wearing just a little to add a bit of femininity. ;)

Gabrielle: Any thoughts on how Bramblewood Fashion can be improved? Do you have thoughts on posts, events, or giveaways you would like to see on the blog?

Melanie: I love this blog just the way it is. :) I enjoy gleaning from the ideas posted here. I really also like the little tutorials for how to change/alter skirts or shirts. :)
Thank you for everything you do!

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  1. Thanks, Gabrielle, for posting this neat interview, and thanks, Melanie, for all your input! I really enjoyed reading it!
    xx Achaia


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