Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Explore Indy | The Garden Table + Eva Maison

It isn't often that I visit my own local independent shops or eateries that can be found around Indiana. If I travel out-of-state to say, Boston, MA or Philadelphia, PA, or some other town or city within the United States I'm all about trying the local places. I really want to change that, especially since I don't have the opportunity to travel much anymore.
My sister, Gaby, discovered the two places I'm going to be chatting to y'all about today, so it is thanks to her that I went to and visited these places.
The Garden Table -- Located in Broad Ripple, a suburb of Indianapolis, The Garden Table is a local eatery that offers fresh juices and food & coffee that is locally sourced. They focus on bringing healthy food that is good for you, and supports local farmers, businesses, and the community.
The whole atmosphere at The Garden Table is relaxed, clean, fresh, and hipster. I loved it! I'm already eagerly awaiting to go back some Saturday morning, so me and Gaby can do a photo-shoot afterwards in some of the alley ways that can be found in the area.
Regarding the food and drinks. I ordered the BMT Sandwich (Open face with tomato-fennel jam, fresh mozzarella, balsamic reduction, basil oil) and Dirty Iced Chai Latte. Oh, my goodness. They were both amazing!! The sandwich was so tasty, that I could have eaten more than one. Typically, I don't like a Dirty Chai Latte, but their's was on-point and made every other chai latte that I have ever had seem not as good. Definitely recommend both of the items I tried, if you ever visit The Garden Table.
Eva Maison -- Eva Maison, also located in Broad Ripple, offers natural beauty brands that you won't find in your local Sephora or Ulta Beauty store. I had fun looking at all the brands that they carry and swatching various products on my hand. Defiantly want to go back someday to try out some of the brands they carry.
RMS Beauty
I had browsing the RMS beauty table. The eye polishes were stellar -- definitely want to test it out some day. Would also love to test their luminizer out too [this product has been used on J.Crew models].
What I Wore
  • Graphic Linen Tee -- J.Crew via Simply Chic
  • Skinny Jeans -- Lands End Canvas via Simply Chic
  • Leopard Print Scarf -- J.Crew via Simply Chic
  • Leopard Print Flats -- Target
  • Wool Baseball Cap -- Old Navy
  • Tote Bag -- Nordstrom [gift]
These past two weeks I've been living in my baseball caps. I've either opted for this one that I picked up on clearance last October/November at Old Navy for super cheap, or my Detroit Tigers team cap. Back in December of 2014 I had the chance to purchase the J.Crew wool baseball cap [it looked just like this Old Navy one] on super clearance, sadly I passed on it and regretted it every day since [until I purchased this Old Navy dupe]. What can I say? I love a good baseball cap.

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