Saturday, February 27, 2016

Yes to...Coconut Skincare Review

I was able to test out these products back in December before they were released in stores, thanks to the Yes to... PR. I've been using various lines and products of theirs for several years. In fact, it was the brand that I first tried out when I started buying my own skincare and personal products in general. Some of their products have worked amazingly for me, while others irritated my super sensitive skin. To say the least, I was excited to try out the new products for their coconut line as I know that coconut oil is great for your skin, but coconut oil in it's natural form doesn't personally work for me [it never soaks into my skin].
The first product I tested out was their Coconut Ultra Hydrating Facial Soufflé Moisturizer [$14.99] -- my skin has been unusually dry this winter, so seeing that their moisturizer was advertised as ultra hydrating had me hooked. Oh, my goodness. This stuff is thick, creamy, and moisturizing! My skin just soaks it up every time I use it. Since this moisturizer is so thick and creamy, I like to lather a bunch onto my skin at night mostly. I find it a bit too thick for daytime use, except for those rare days when my skin is flaking like crazy and nothing else will help the dryness.
Coconut Ultra Hydrating Facial Mask [$15.99] -- I'm not sure that this is one of my top favorite skin masks, but it is helpful for those really dry skin days. Apply a thick layer over skin, let it dry for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with warm water and a washcloth.
Coconut Ultra Hydrating Crème Cleanser [$9.99] -- If you only do a one-step cleanse for your face, this product isn't for you [if you wear makeup that is]. Where if you do a two-step cleanse, this would be great for your second step cleanse after you have already washed your makeup off.
Do you love the Yes to... line? What are your favorite products?

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