Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Play! By Sephora | #06 (February, 2016) Review

I actually received my first, Play! By Sephora box in December, 2015, but have never gotten around to sharing about it except on Snapchat. I kept meaning to do a review of the two previous boxes, just never got around to it. Over the years, I have tried out several beauty subscription boxes: Birchbox, Glossy Box, Wantable, Ipsy, etc... all of which have various pros and cons, price points, and purposes.
When I first heard that Sephora was starting a subscription box, I was intrigued. Sephora sells amazing products, from fantastic brands many of which I am yet to try out. I was curious as to how the boxes would be curated and if there would be any benefits to subscribing to their subscription.
I am a Beauty Insider at Sephora, and have been for years (I was a member and shopped at Sephora wayyy before I ever shopped at Ulta Beauty). The benefits for a Beauty Insider are alright, you occasionally receive a discount and your points only turn into deluxe sized samples. You do receive excellent birthday gifts (I always look forward to my gift every year), and the Sephora inside JCP is always sending me flyers for free gifts with no purchase necessary -- making it easy to test out brands and products I typically couldn't afford on a daily basis without some discount. [And for my job, knowledge is power and things are expensive.]
Back to about Play! By Sephora -- you typically receive a fragrance sample, and various deluxe samples from any of their other departments: skin, hair, and/or colour [this would be makeup]. You also receive a booklet explaining about the products and a card to redeem on your next purchase for 50 extra points (100 points = 1 deluxe sample), making it easier to collect more points if you don't make a lot of purchases at Sephora. You also receive 10 points each month for receiving your box. Oh, the box is $10 a month + tax.
This month was makeup heavy focused with one hair product and your traditional fragrance sample. I know that most people don't love receiving fragrance samples in their subscription boxes, but I love them. They are perfect for traveling and I have discovered my first favorite perfumes with said samples.
  • Tom Ford // Black Orchid EDP -- This scent wasn't a favorite of mine. It was too strong for me. Also, sandalwood is one of the top notes of this perfume, so that could be one of the reasons I dislike this. I am allergic to Cedar, so I find that I dislike most woody fragrances.
  • LancĂ´me // Drama Liquid-Pencil Longer Eyeliner in Noir Intense -- Intense creamy pigmentation that lasts all day. I'm a fan of this eye pencil. Reminds me of the Rimmel London or Butter London gel eye pencils, which are my other two favorites.
  • Tarte // Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara -- I have tried this mascara out before, and I have found it too dry for my taste. My sister, Gaby on the other hand loves this mascara! So I always pass on my samples to her of this mascara. Personally, I love a more wet to medium dry mascara, like the Too Faced 'Better Than Sex'.
  • Make Up Forever // Rouge Artist Natural in N9 Copper Pink -- This was a birthday gift back in 2014, and on first application it was true lipstick love.
  • Bare Minerals // Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm in Plumbery Pop -- The color is amazing! I haven't worn it too much yet, been loving nude lips when I do wear something other than a lip balm recently. Mostly, because my lips have been crazy dry since January, no matter how much water I drink and lip balm I use.
  • Bumble and Bumble // Pret-A-Powder -- This stuff is awesome! Doesn't make my hair feel funky after using it, just clean and refreshed. It is a powder formula, which was new for me, as I typically use a dry shampoo that sprays out of an areole can, but with some practice I can easily get the hang of using it. Confession time. I had a dream the other night that Bumble & Bumble was coming to Ulta Beauty -- I love it that much. (If you don't know, I currently work at Ulta Beauty).
Whould you subscribe to the Play! By Seohora box? Also, what are your favorite subscription boxes?

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