Friday, February 5, 2016

My Ramblings

Hello everyone! I feel with this fresh new look, I'm going to be motivated to blog more. It also helps that Wordpress has an app that works, so I can start working on a post whenever the mood strikes. Yay!
I have several blog post ideas lined up (most of them beauty related with one lifestyle post). Once warmer weather comes to Indiana, you will see more fashion related posts. I tend to get in a dressing slump come colder weather, and like to just wear sweaters, jeans, and boots. But I'm itching to pull out my cute dresses and flats once Spring hits! Especially since I've found so many cute dresses over the winter for cheap.
I do want to do a fashion event either this month or in March. Haven't decided which yet. I'm sorta leaning towards March 'cause it could be warmer. What type of event it will be, is still to be determined. I had lots of suggestions for a vintage themed one. But I'm not sure. If it was going to be vintage, I would lean more 1960s or 1970s for everyday nowadays. 1930s were never me. I still have a weakness for the 1940s & 1950s, just not for everyday anymore. People change. Personal style can change depending on your current lifestyle.
Anyone seen some good movies or TV shows recently? I have been watching the following television shows: ArrowThe FlashAgent CarterFoyle's WarDoctor Who, and Full House (season 2, cause that is all I own). Movie wise the only one that comes to mind is, The Courtship of Eddie's Father [1963] -- mostly because it is easier to watch a TV episode before going to bed when one has to wake up anywhere between 4am-5:30am for work.
Oh, did y'all watch the Sherlock special? I personally loved it. Even if it got a tad dark for me at times, but I loved the tie-ins! I definitely can't wait for series 4 of Sherlock to come out.

I should mention that I'm doing Whole30 during the month of February. So far I've only been craving carbs, Italian food, oatmeal cookies, and iced coffee with cream. Doing this is a huge change for me, especially for the breakfast hour. I've always been the type of gal who likes either cereal and milk, waffles, or some type of breakfast pastry & coffee for her breakfast all the time. I never did eggs for breakfast, except now I have eggs every morning now on the Whole30. #irony
Well, I better get going y'all! Talk to y'all later!

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