Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Galentines Day | Gift + Outfit Ideas

I've only recently become familiar with the holiday Galentines Day [which is February 13th], and to be honest. One of my friends has always hosted a girls-only Valentines Party to celebrate being together as friends, granted her parties are for singles, but the same basic idea applies. We also do a chocolate gift exchange at the party, so I thought it would be fun to share some fun little gift ideas that your girly, or not so girly friends would enjoy that won't break the bank. I'm also going to share some quick outfit ideas for y'all too! 
  • A Girly Movie -- Personally, I'm the kind of gal who loves collecting and watching movies and television shows, so I wouldn't mind receiving one for a gift. Granted of course, you already know all the movies I own [I kinda own a lot]. Another fun idea would be to give a gift card to Netflix! The ones featured in the above picture are: Leap Year [2010] & Cinderella [2015].
  • Chocolate -- Duh? You can never go wrong with chocolate. Unless of course, they are allergic to it, or just don't like it. #strangepeople
  • Cute Mug or Travel Cup -- Hmm...we may have a problem with giving each other mugs as gifts in our family. Our kitchen cupboard is packed full of mugs in various designs and from various Starbucks collections. This is a cute mug that can be found on Etsy. Anthropologie is always a good idea. So is Target or Altered State.
  • Lipgloss -- A girl can never have too much lipgloss, or if you know she prefers lipstick give her that.
  • An adorable makeup bag -- Even if you know your friend doesn't wear a lot of makeup, a bag is always usefully for so many things! Traveling. Storing skincare.
  • Graphic Tee -- Personally, I love a good graphic tee. In fact, I have two storage bins in my closet for graphic tees. One bin is for tees with: Bible verses, quotes, sayings, or flowers. While the second bin is for tees of a more fandom nature: Marvel, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Disney, etc... Where can you find a cute graphic tee? Well, I find that most stores have them in-stock these days. I find mine at thrift stores, J.Crew, Target, Old Navy, and I have even made my own.
  • Notebook -- Have some writer friends or blogging friends? They may appreciate a cute notebook. Or if you have an artsy friend, consider giving them a blank sketchbook that could fit in a purse. [I don't know where mine is from. It was a gift.]
  • Earrings or a Small Necklace -- If you really know their personal style for jewelry, this is always a good idea. Target, Forever 21, and Francesca's always have a good selection if you are looking for reasonably prices pieces. [The earrings featured in the picture are from Forever 21, a couple of years ago.]
  • Cookies -- I think it would be fun to make up some cookie mix in a jar to give as gifts. Then all they would have to do is add the wet and bake. Homemade cookies anytime they wanted. Of course, you could also treat them to some Trader Joe's cookies, or some other fun brand!
Galentines Day | #1

Okay. I might be a bit obsessed with graphic tees. I mentioned them in my gift guide, and now I'm featuring them in my outfit ideas. What can I say? I'm personally going to be wearing a graphic tee to the Valentines Party this Saturday.
Galentines Day | #2

I'm really liking this outfit combination. Various shades of pinks.

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