Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas is Coming... | OOTD

Hello everyone! The Christmas season is quickly approaching and for our family it is even more so. Why? Our family is celebrating Christmas next Friday since most of them are going to be in Florida for two weeks [including for Christmas] -- which means that me and Hanne will be staying in Indiana since we both will be busy working.

So in preparation of Christmas, our family went out on Monday evening to our favorite local Lowes to pick up our Christmas tree. Which was great fun, especially since us three older gals [myself, Gaby, and Hanne] bought some new ornaments for our tree. I'll have to share a picture sometime with y'all, as they are gorgeous.

To add to the festivities I pulled out the hot cocoa, marshmallows [peppermint flavored], and Christmas music whilst we decorated our tree. I only wish I had pulled out my record player too.

What I'm Wearing
Plaid Flannel -- Old Navy [$13.47]
White Tee -- Forever 21 [$3.60]
Vest -- J.Jill via thredUP [FREE with Credits]
Skinny Jeans -- Lands End Canvas via Simply Chic [$12]
Riding Boots -- Target [$22]
Mini Mac Bag -- Rebecca Minkoff via thredUP [$35 after credits & coupons]
Nail Polish -- Butter London in Lust or Must? [c/o]
Lipstick -- Revlon in Black Cherry [$2.99]
Starbucks Drink -- Chai Latte

I was so excited to pick up this flannel top at Old Navy on Black Friday evening, as I have a major weakness for plaid [though I have a shocking lack of plaid in my wardrobe] and it was 50% off. Also I wouldn't mind owning several more plaid shirts to wear on my days off, or for even when I get off work early --  I love it that much during the winter months. 


  1. The Old Navy 50% off Black Friday sale is always my FAVORITE!!! I can't wait to see pictures of the ornaments sometime:) However, I am totally loving this OOTD.....it makes me want to try something like it one day! Hope your Christmas celebration with you family is filled with joy and cheer.

  2. Such a cute outfit combo, Ashley! I love that dark lipstick. <3

  3. You look so cozy and Christmassy! The hot chocolate just makes it. ;)

  4. You look so cute and Pinterest-y! :) I like the dark lipstick, too.



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