Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bloomsy Box Review

Hello everyone! I have a different kind of monthly subscription site to share with y'all today- one that revolves around flowers instead of beauty products, clothes, or even food.

Bloomsy box is a monthly subscription site that delivers a bouquet of flowers to your door every month. You pick out what plan works best for your budget to "treat yourself" to fresh flowers and they will pick out the flowers for you each month.

- Cost: Bloomsy S = $34.99 month | Bloomsy M = $38.99 month | Bloomsy L = $48.99 + FREE Shipping. All plans auto-renew and can be cancelled online at anytime.

- Quick Review: The flowers arrived in a cute white box and were all fresh and alive looking. No dead flowers in sight. I had received the Bloomsy S box to review and there were enough roses to create a pretty arrangement in a medium vase.

- Would I Subscribe: If I had the extra money I totally would subscribe to them, and if I also had my own place. I love fresh flowers and adore the special touch they add to any living space.

Love the packaging details. Clean and simple with brown paper & red ribbon.


  1. Hmm that's a really creative idea. :) Also, your photography looks awesome!

  2. Hi. I just want to mention that you can buy inexpensive beautiful flower arrangements at many stores. I saw at our HyVee grocery store beautiful Christmas bouquets for $10 last night. I love fresh flowers too so I was really tempted. If you have Aldi's in your area they have pretty flowers too.


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