Friday, September 18, 2015

"We Never Go Out of Style"

Recently Carmel shared this fashion & beauty tag on her blog, carmel. Just a Girl + Her Blog and once I had finished reading it, I knew I had to do it too!

What got you interested in fashion and beauty in the first place? I was late to the fashion and beauty party. I did grow up with an appreciation of dressing nicely and looking put-together, but I didn't have a deep interest in everyday fashion until I was eighteen or so. When I was sixteen I started getting into historical fashion & vintage that eventually grew into a love for modern fashion. My love of beauty came when I was twenty or twenty-one when I wanted to do vintage 1940s makeup looks for my 40s outfits.

What is the best piece of fashion advice you have picked up? Don't be afraid to mix prints [stripes are my favorite base]. Treat leopard print like a neutral when pairing it with your outfits.

What is the best piece of skincare advice you have picked up? Always wash your face at night and remove all of your makeup. Invest in some soft washcloths to wash your face, the bundle packs from Target work fine [I have a pack of white ones]. Also, moisturize yo face!

What is the best piece of makeup advice you have picked up? Blend, blend, and blend your eyeshadow out with a good blending brush. Once I picked up a blending eye brush last September, I've seen a world of difference in my eyeshadow looks. My favorite blending brush is the it Cosmetics for Ulta eye blending brush.

How would you define your style? Classic, vintage touches, preppy, and a touch of boho -- though I have been known to dabble around with different styles.

What was your most recent style acquisition? Various items from Goodwill and thredUP, which are all featured in this haul video on my YouTube channel.

If money was no issue, how would you full-on pamper yourself? Go shopping on le Champs Elysees, have Lisa Eldridge do my makeup and Kirstin Ess would either cut or style my hair.

How do you actually pamper yourself? Taking relaxing bubble baths with bath salts, doing my nails, light a few candles, do a face mask, watch some Netflix....

What is your go-to hair style? Curled with a curling iron, thrown up into a messy bun, or in a high ponytail.

If you could have any hair look you wanted, including colour, what would it be? I really like the look of: ombre, light pastel lavender hair, and balayage except I don't have the nerve to do any of them.

Other than clothing (obvious), what would make you feel naked if you went out of the house without it? A strong brow and lipstick. If I have my brows done, and I'm wearing a bit of lipstick I'm totally fine leaving the house without a bunch of makeup as those two teams make the world of different on me [as does eyeshadow].

If you would like to do this tag, feel free to do so either in the comments or on your blog. 

~Ashley, xx

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  1. This was such a fun post Ashely; I've enjoyed reading your blog lately!

    I definitely learned a whole lot about you like your love for lavender hair!? Would have never guessed! And I have to agree: strong brows and a touch of color on the lips make a world of difference!


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