Thursday, August 20, 2015

Recent Instagram Outfits

Hello everyone! I want to share with y'all some of my recent outfits from the past couple of days that I've featured on my Instagram.

Tuesday after working at Ulta Beauty in the morning doing truck, I went to the Indiana State Fair with my Mum and some of my sisters since it was $2 day. My outfit of choice was the one featured on the left: Cream Lace Tank [Forever 21 via thredUP] | Black Shorts [Old Navy] | Converse [gift] | Crossbody Bag [c/o OASAP].

Only bad thing about this outfit was that I forgot to put sunscreen on before heading out to the fairgrounds, so my poor shoulders got some sun [since I was wearing a sleeveless top].

The next outfit I'm going to sharing with y'all is one that I wore after working at both my Dad's office and Ulta Beauty on Monday. Our house was freezing, and I just wanted to wear a super comfy outfit that was warm to help battle off the air conditioning [read: I don't handle cold well].

 Jumper [Banana Republic via thredUP] | Jeans [Madewell 1937 via Simply Chic] | Leopard Flats [Target] | Tank [Forever 21] | Necklace [c/o 9th & Elm]

Tunic [Forever 21 via thredUP] | Jeans [Madewell 1937 via Simply Chic] | Cowgirl Boots [gift] | Purse [thrifted] | Tank [JCPenny]

This next outfit [featured above] is one that I wore yesterday on Wednesday for a day of thrifting at Goodwill & visiting my local Starbucks to pick up my free reward drink. The outfit was inspired by Olivia of Fresh Modesty, as she sometimes wears outfits like this [including the cowgirl boots], it has been awhile since I've worn my boots but I've been listening to Country music while driving the back roads to work [it has kinda got me in the country wearing mood].

I was able to find two things at Goodwill while out shopping, both on 50% off which was fantastic & on my clothing wish list. They are the white blouse & hunter green vintage wool skirt featured in the picture on the right -- the blouse will be perfect for work at Ulta Beauty, and the skirt will be great for Church come autumn and winter once the colder weather hits Indiana.

One last thing, I was able to purchase the three tops featured in this post from thredUp [plus another lace top] for nothing thanks to some of you using my thredUP link. They are still doing the offer right now of $20 for YOU and for me for your first thredUP purchase [I don't get the money until you place your order].

~Ashley, xx


  1. i love these looks, i wear outfits like this some times too. I don't like the cold or heat- hard when you live in Australia - really for the heat. I love comfy outfits for day you want to look put together but not take much time to get ready and not hard to put together.

  2. I love that orange floral blouse! Looking pretty!

  3. That sweater looks so cozy!! Can't wait for September (IT'S RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!) so I can bring out my leggings and boots and sweaters...

  4. I love your thrift store finds! I need to pick up a few more good Autumn bits because I've totally got the itch right now. (ALL THE BOOTS & SCARVES). ;)

  5. I love your skinny jeans they are the perfect fit. Your orange tunic is so pretty what a fun color!


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