Saturday, July 11, 2015

What I Wore | Stripes + Boyfriend Shorts + Wood Watch

Hello lovelies! How has your Saturday been going so far? Mine has been lovely so far with this photo-shoot, watching Netflix whilst working on this post [Psych and North & South], picking up an iced coffee at Starbucks with a friend and two of my sisters, and this evening I'll be working at Ulta Beauty.

What I'm Wearing
Striped Tee -- Zara [$17.95]
Boyfriend Shorts -- Old Navy [$8]
Grey Belt -- Forever 21 [$2.40]
Leopard Flats -- Target [$15]
Nail Polish -- Essie in Splash of Grenadine 
Lip Gloss -- NARS in Quito [gift]

I was so excited that the weather was finally warm enough for shorts, as it has been on the chiller side all this week. Well, except for on this past Sunday which was our last warm day [and the day I bought these shorts]. Funny story about these shorts. Last Sunday was my 25th birthday and my youngest sister, Abby, had a softball game after Church. The rest of kids stayed a little later at Church fellowshipping, whilst Abby and our parents went back home to head out to her softball game. When us kids came home, we realized we didn't have any house keys with us to get us into our home, so we had to grab lunch at our local mall and pick up some after-church clothes at Old Navy. To say the least, it turned out in the end, as we girls have come to love the shorts we have picked up! [If you follow Gaby on her Instagram, you would have seen her wearing the army green version of these shorts] Plus we will never forget my 25th birthday, as it has became a day to remember. 

I've featured this wood watch at least once on the blog, which you can view here. It has also been featured a few times on my Instagram. When JORD contacted me about featuring one of their watches on BF, I was thrilled! As their watches are beautiful and unique, especially since you don't really see wood watches everyday -- they are more of an unique item. With the watch being wood, I find that it lends it self to many occasions: weddings, the work place, to a casual weekend with friends.

~Ashley, xx
Watches Made From Wood


  1. LOVE this outfit! That top is so great! I have a weakness for stripey tops. >_<

  2. So cute and simplistic! And I adore that nail color! Sounds like you all had quite the adventure ;)


  3. Love the nail color and the shorts are so cute on you and the watch is so interesting, i never knew that people made wood watches how fascinating.
    Happy Birthday to you too :).


  4. Really really like it!♥
    DreamaCrochet on Etsy♥

  5. Those shorts look perfect with that belt!

  6. Such a lovely, classic combination! I love the stripes especially (of course XD).


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