Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weekly Everyday Makeup Box | Summer Edition

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Hello lovelies!

Every since I started working at ULTA Beauty, I've started pulling makeup from my collection to play around with for that given week [or a few weeks, 'cause let's be honest I don't always pull new makeup each week] to keep myself from going into a makeup rut. This also gives me a chance to try out all the products I buy, receive in my Ipsy bags, and what companies send me to test out -- which in turn helps me recommend products to costumers in our store.

What are some of your favorite makeup products?
Want any reviews/tutorials with the products shown in this video?

~Ashley, xx


  1. Great routine. You look great.


  2. I recently tried the Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Liquid Makeup Foundation and I really love the formulation! It's matte and almost powdery on the skin which is awesome for my oily skin! I also love Anastasia's brow products; the pomade is really good. Ooh, and the itCosmetics Brow Pencil in Universal Taupe is WONDERFUL as well!!!

    Super fun video Ashely!

  3. You look so fresh and perfect for summer!

    Happy Medley

  4. Definitely tutorials! I think coming from an Ulta employee they'd be especially enlightening.

  5. I love this, I love W7 cosmetics and i recently got some BH cosmetics and it is great and love them so much and i try and use different lipsticks, eye shadow, mascara and blushes and Foundation, BB cream and Powder and Concealer. Every time i wear makeup and i am starting to play with my stash when i am not going out to try new looks.



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