Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week Update | Baking | OOTD

Hello everyone! I was going to do another What I Wore post today, but this afternoon and evening I've been plagued with vertigo and sinus pressure meaning no pictures for me. #notfun Anyhow since I wasn't feeling too well, I decided to do a little random post with pictures from my Instagram. Which btw, is one of my top updated social media sites [I've also been working on updating my FB page more too].

It has turned out to be a busy week, and it shows no signs of becoming lighter. I've had to work every day at either one, or both of my jobs [today was my first free day this week], and I've also had some fun moments with my sisters and with some friends so far this week.

Monday after work and supper, me and Gaby did a Target run, since I need some ingredients for confetti sugar cookies and we had fun browsing the home goods section.

Tuesday I finished making the cookies, since you have the dough freeze overnight before baking them. Me & Gaby met up with our friend Grace [she has done a YouTube collab video with me] at Starbucks and found out she wanted us to be her bridesmaids! #freakoutmoment

That was a fun moment for us, since neither of us have been bridesmaids before [I was a flower girl once, back when I was nine years old] but we help out with most of the weddings at our church with some behind the scene stuff. We can't wait to go dress shopping!!! It will be strange though to see our friend in a wedding dress.

On my way to see Ant-Man!
Skip forward to today, I went with two friends [Liz & Grace] (P.S. this is a different Grace from the other one I mentioned. I have too many friends with the same names.) to go see the latest Marvel film: Ant-Man [2015]. It was no Captain America film, but is was good. It had some really funny moments, great lines, good music, and plus Falcon and Peggy Carter were in the film too. #epic

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for autumn colored makeup. I've already started wearing my burgundy eyeshadow this week as I've missed it so much! It is beautiful paired with a rosy gold shimmer in the inner corner, with the burgundy lightly smoked out at the outer corners, with a matte taupe run through my crease to blend it all together.

I also can't wait to wear my darker colored lipsticks, lip stains, and lip glosses. I can't rock those yet, as my car doesn't have AC and those darker colors would just melt off and stain my face. #notpretty

 Dress: GAP via Simply Chic | Sandals: DSW | Statement Necklace: c/o Swell Caroline | Liquid Lipstick: Sila in Patina | Earrings: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's

Oh, I've also started using my Snapchat more. You can follow me @bramblewoodf -- if you are on Snapchat, leave your username below and I will follow you. If I can figure it out, that is. :p Snapchat confuses me a bit.
My friend Darby has started her own home business of finding cute dresses that Zooey Deschanel might wear at her local thrift shops and selling them for $15 (including shipping) -- which btw, is a good deal since most dresses at Forever 21, Target, etc...are usually around $20+. Go check out her shop and support her! Btw, right now Darby has some dresses marked to $12 [including shipping], so go give her shop a peak.

~Ashley, xx


  1. I love your dress with the mint necklace! You look lovely

    Happy Medley

  2. I hope that you feel better soon Ashley! The sandals from the top photo are so so cute! Where did you buy it?

    ❤ Blaze Ann

    1. Thank you so much, Blaze Ann! I'm feeling much better today, which was good since I worked today. The sandals in the top photo are from American Eagle [this summer], and they are my sister Gaby's. :)

  3. I love your make up in those photos you look beautiful! Being a bridesmaid is pretty awesome!

  4. I love those dresses!

  5. These cookies look great, as do the dresses. Congratulations on becoming a bridesmaid (!), it sounds like wonderful fun!


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