Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Jamberry 7 Day Nail Challenge

My supplies
Hello y'all! Back in May I was contacted by Rachel Greene to either do a Jamberry online event, or to do the 7-day Jamberry Nail Wrap challenge. Well, online party events aren't really my cup of tea, so I went with the challenge which is much more my speed.

Fast forward to mid-June when I finally had the time to take the 7-day Jamberry nail challenge -- where I applied a Jamberry nail wrap [the Burberry inspired design] to my ring finger and wore an Essie nail polish [Lady Like] on the rest of my nails to test out the durability of both.

I had tried out Jamberry nail wraps before on all of my nails last summer, but wasn't a huge fan of them. Fast forward to this summer when suddenly Jamberry had become a huge hit across social media and I was curious to give them another go, especially since so many people seemed to love them.

My nails after everything had dried.
I found it fairly easy to apply the nail wraps to my ring finger. I just had to cut the nail wrap in half [one for each hand] and than I just applied heat to the back of the stickers with my hair dryer to make them tacky. Once the nail wrap was sticky and started flopping around, I placed it carefully on my nail and pushed evenly around to seal it, making sure to try and avoid my cuticle. I then trimmed any extra bits with my small nail scissors and it was good to go. I then applied nail polish to the rest of my nails.

Here are my nails seven days later, which I must say I really gave them a rough try out between the following: doing wedding flowers [with lots of hot glue], washing dishes, working retail, washing my hands a lot, and just doing a lot with my hands in general. 

I must say, I was impressed with how long the nail wraps lasted this time around. They did start pealing a bit at the tips at day 5 or 6, which is understandable considering how much I had to work with water, and how tough I was on my hands during those seven days.   
You can see the peeling on the ends here.
Would I wear the nail wraps on my entire hand? No, I wouldn't especially since I work in retail and we don't sell Jamberry at Ulta Beauty. I try to wear nail polishes brands and colors that our store sells, it makes it helpful when costumers ask what I'm wearing on my nails. Would I wear them as an accent nails? Yes. I really like how it felt on one of my nails, and they add a nice accent touch to my manicure.

If you’re interested in giving the Jamberry nail wraps a try for yourself, you can order through Rachel Greene at her website here. Even if you aren't normally into doing your nails, why not buy at least one set of nail wraps to give them a try.

~Ashley, xx


  1. Oh, I love that design! I also have a friend who sells Jamberry who asked some of her friends to the Seven Day Challenge. It's really neat to see your results! I'm kind of wanting to give Jamberry a try because, to be honest, I'm a little bored with plain nail polish.

  2. I loooove Jamberry...literally don't wear anything else on my nails. Mainly because chipped polish drives me crazy and my polish always chips within 24 hours no matter what brand!

  3. Super cool! Jamberry only sounds vaguely familiar to me... but seems super cool. I love that you work at Ulta! I moved last summer to Wilmington, NC, and they actually have one-- I was thrilled. It's always a fun place to shop beauty.

    My blog: Ireland Rhea

  4. I've never been much of a nail polish type of person, but I must say after seeing how beautiful your nails look, I want to try it!


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