Friday, July 3, 2015

Chicago OOTD | Girls Weekend Getaway

Hello lovelies! When I went up to Chicago this past weekend with my sister, Gaby and some of our friends, I was able to meet up with a long time blogging friend: Katie from That Katie Girl. She drove into Chicago to meet up with us for dinner and to explore downtown Chicago with us afterwards. We also did an outfit photoshoot in the area by the Bean. #bloggermustdos

What I'm Wearing
Tunic -- Boutique from Italy [gift]
Skinny Jeans -- Jessica Simpson via Simply Chic [$2.40]
Cardigan -- LC for Kohl's [hand-me-up from Gaby]
Handbag -- Target [$15 perhaps]
Converse -- [gift]
Socks -- Forever 21 [don't remember]
Lipstick -- Butter London in Tea with the Queen [c/o]

During the entire weekend I ended up wearing the Lauren Conrad cardigan featured in this OOTD four different ways over the course of two days. Funny thing, I didn't plan on the cardigan matching all of my outfits or wearing it everyday, but it ended up being on the cooler side when we visited Chicago last weekend and it so happened to go with all my outfits.

Last minute I decided to go with this tunic for our first [and only] evening in Chicago, that I had received as a gift last Spring from a couple whose son I had nannied while they were in France & Italy. Originally I was going to wear a striped fit-and-flare dress, but when I saw it was going to be windy I opted for jeans and a tunic instead. For added comfort I went with my converse paired with a pair of athletic socks [which help make the shoes more comfy]. The handbag featured in this outfit post has been my go-to travel bag for a number of years now, as it is perfect for visiting downtowns or working as a cooler for snacks & drinks whilst out West with an ice-pack inside. I love it.

~Ashley, xx


  1. Looks like fun and I love the soft pink top!

  2. Love the outfit, the photos, and the vlog! Looks like such a fun time! :D

  3. Super cool! Is that Katie from Beautifully Pure and The Wildwood Flower? I remember years ago being super into her blogs.
    Your trip to Chicago sounds fun & fashionable! I've never been, but have a good friend who is from there and would LOVE to go someday.

    Ireland from

    1. Yeah, it's me! Rebranding BP just wasnt what I needed. I took a long break from blogging but now I'm back on That Katie Girl (the name is a nod to Anne of Green Gables). I'm so flattered to hear that you liked my blog befor! Hopefully you'll like my new one.

      Also, if you ever make it to Chicago shoot me an email - I'd love to meetup!

  4. That looks so fun! It looks like a very beautiful city. I would love to go sometime. I absolutely love that striped Zara top!

  5. Ah! Looks like you girls had such a wonderful time! You make me want to pack up and go on a road trip #RoadTripGoals


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