Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Update | House Cleaning | Blog Event | Road Trip

Weekend Style [Insta @bramblewoodfashion]
Hello lovelies! Long time, no see. Last week was hectic for me, that I was unable to get any blogging done [or really much on social media]. I had super early work shifts all last week, since I'm not a morning person at all I would hardly sleep the night before because I was too freaked out that I would oversleep. To say the least, that would catch up with me a couple of hours after every shift.

This week is going to be more normal hours, which is awesome since my blog event starts tomorrow! If everything goes as planned, my first post for the event should be up by 2pm [or sooner].

Also this weekend I'm going to be going on my girls overnight road trip to Chicago with my sister, Gaby, and a couple of our girlfriends. Leading up to the trip I really want to share some travel packing posts & videos, as I have some epic plan in my head. I will also be vlogging the trip AND will be meeting up with a blogging friend when in Chicago. Yay!
Travel Must Haves from Target [Insta @bramblewoodfashion]

Talking about traveling, are there any must-visit spots in Chicago that we must check out this weekend? Local food? Coffee shops?

Oh, we have also been deep cleaning out our home this past week and weekend. To say the least, I've been tossing out so many things that I've been saving from my life. I love collecting and saving things from my life, but recently I've been thinking how "if I was to move, would I really want all of this junk?" -- that has helped me let go of things. Oh yeah, I also get really attached to things.

Junk from underneath my bed.

What have y'all been doing? Also, will you be joining in the blog event?

~Ashley, xx


  1. Something tells me, Ashley, that you'd like Soupbox! It's my favorite restaurant in Chicago. It specializes in gourmet comfort food.

    If you're up around Michigan Avenue, it's only a few blocks away from the main shopping district!

    Have fun!!

  2. Ah, wish we had been in Chicago at the same time! Have a wonderful time! :D

  3. Oh, my. Our family has the purging bug too. I got rid of loads of stuff (and I yet I still have loads), some of which I had thought I had thrown away already.

  4. Love this post and i try and not to take to much with me when i go away too. Simple wipes and baby wipes are a must have travel items with me too, I keep baby wipes in my handbag with me all the time.

    I was going to try and do the one outfit styled 3 ways but i have been busy and have not been able to get photos ready for it maybe with the next one you have i will be able to join it sounds and look like so much fun!

    Maybe next one could be a theme one that you can use different outfits each day as i have autism and sensory processing disorder i have a clothing routine and i cant wear one item like a dress for 3 different days due to routine is a big thing for me and i can't change it other wise it messes with my mental health. Otherwise i might have been able to do this one.



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