Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Trend Spin Linkup | Tees

Hello everyone! I had some extra free time this morning, so I decided to put that free time to good use and take some outfit pictures. When I was debating what to wear [as I did go into work for a little bit today] this morning, I saw that a weekly linkup, Trend Spin Linkup, was up today and that the theme for this week was tees -- which is perfect for today, since I'm thinking about going to my brother's baseball game this afternoon/evening.

What I'm Wearing
Cardigan -- Forever 21 [hand-me-up]
Floral Tee Tank -- Forever 21 [don't remember]
Skinny Jeans -- Madewell via Simply Chic [$11.50]
Flats -- Target [$15]
Owl Necklace -- Forever 21 [gift]
Rings -- Forever 21 & [c/o] Rocksbox
Hat -- H&M [$12.95]
Lipstick -- Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Fig
Temporary Tattoo -- Ulta Beauty [$0.50]

Looking back at these pictures it looks like I need to put a camisole on underneath, as my stomach is showing a little bit. Which is funny, because when I was getting dressed and when I checked my outfit in the mirror before these pictures were taken, everything was fine. It was windy outside, so perhaps it shifted something.

When ever warmer weather hits, I like to experiment with my style more and play with different looks that aren't my typical go-to looks. Like today's outfit I feel like it is a mix between bohemian and hipster, now the later style I do dabble with from time to time, but I feel like I can only get away with the more bohemian vibe during the Spring and Summer months. Perhaps that is just me.

What are some styles/looks that YOU only wear during certain months/seasons? 

Also, I challenge you to wear something not your typical style within the next two weeks. If you share it on some form of social media, feel free to share it with me. 

~Ashley, xx


  1. I love the color of your cardigan. :) I usually opt for more vintage/classic meets girly/romantic. But in summer and spring I tend to go a little more bohemian too. I don't do preppy very often, because I find it isn't flattering on me a lot of times. I'll have to see what I come up with. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. I'm rather the same as you in a way, Ashley, because I go very boho/70s in the Spring and Summer, and more sophisticated 1940s/50s styles in the Fall & Winter. It's probably because it's a lot easier layering the more structured clothing the cooler weather, and as soon as the warmth hits: LET ME FREE! ;)


  3. I love this ensemble so much! It is definitely something I would wear this time of year. I am really loving your nail polish color also! It is between pink and lavender so of course it is a perfect shade for my taste.


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