Monday, May 11, 2015

Random Updates | OOTD | YouTube Collab

Hello everyone! How have y'all been doing? I've been keeping busy between going all over Indiana for our brother's high school baseball games, work, and just living life.

I've dearly missed blogging on a more daily basis, so I'm doing a little update post filled with some pictures of my outfit for today, some recent favorites of mine, some baking I've done over the weekend, etc...

This month looks like it is going to be a good month. I went and saw the newest Marvel movie, The Avengers: Age of Ultron [2015], the day it came out with my siblings and some friends [I dressed up as Skye from Agent of SHIELD].

My brother's baseball team will be doing the annual Midwest homeschool world series this week, and they have a chance at winning [I also get to go the first two days, as I have those days off].

If everything goes as planned [a.k.a I get the afternoon off], me and my sisters will be meeting up some blogging friends [who are sisters] next week for a girly afternoon/evening of shopping [Simply Chic & Ulta Beauty are on the list]. #superexcited [Any guesses who it is we will be meeting up with?!?]

This past weekend I baked a Victoria Sponge Cake. This cake has become one of my top favorites of all time. Recipe can be found here.

What I'm Wearing
Grey Tee -- c/o OASAP
Mint Pencil Skirt -- Made by Me
Leopard Flats & Mint Post Earrings -- Target
Necklace -- c/o Rocksbox
Leopard Belt -- Forever 21

Since warmer weather has hit Indiana I've been able to pull out all of my cute sundresses, shorts, and skirts to wear. Like today, I wore my mint skirt that I had sewn several years ago with a grey tee shirt.

The past couple of weeks I've been loving the following products: Essie nail polish in "Splash of Grenadine"; the Revlon Moisture Stains; the jewelry in my latest Rocksbox which included the Kendra Scott "Elle" Earrings in Turquoise, CC Skye Pyramid Gold Ring, and GorjanaTaner Bar Mini Triple Layer Necklace [pictured below].

This past weekend me and Katie from That Katie Girl, did a YouTube collab of the 3 Minute Makeup Challenge. This upcoming weekend we are supposed to be doing the $20 Makeup Challenge.

~Ashley, xx


  1. Cute outfit, fun shade of lip stain, and yummy-looking cake! :D
    Could you possibly be meeting with the Boyer Sisters?!

    1. Yep!! We will be meeting up with the Boyer Sisters. :D

  2. We saw the Avengers over the weekend, it was great! I am not always the biggest fan of super hero movies, but I did like this one! I love your outfit here! I feel like I have been insanely busy for the past two months. Things are slowing down somewhat and I am enjoying time at home to organize and clean. haha Doesn't sound exciting, but for me it is! :) I'm definitely looking into the Victoria Sponge Cake recipe! Seems perfect to celebrate the new princess. XO -Alexandra

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