Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ulta Chic | Black & Lace

Hello lovelies! With the warmer weather that has somewhat come back to Indiana, I've been rocking my black skirts more often at work. Which is good, since my dress pants have become a very faded black after wearing them just about every work shift this past winter. Methinks I need to buy a new pair that don't look so faded, for this summer/autumn [I'm thinking a cropped pair would be fun].

What I'm Wearing
Lace Tunic -- H&M via Simply Chic [$8]
Black Pleated Skirt -- Dry Goods Co. [$14]
Black Flats -- Target [$15]
Watch -- Bettsyville via JCP [gift]
Nail Polish -- Her Majesty's Red c/o Butter London

I picked up this lace tunic from H&M at the end of March during Simply Chic's "Girls Night Out" event -- which btw, is our favorite consignment shop in Indy. So far I've worn this tunic with cropped leggings, over dress pants, tucked into skirts, and over jeans for a fun boho look. I'm even thinking about layering this tunic over my black chiffon skirt for a super girly kind of outfit sometime, what do y'all think?

Well, I better get going. I have clothes to put away as I did my laundry last night [worked yesterday afternoon/evening and this evening], bed sheets to change, and a new baking show that I want to watch on the Food Network at 9pm.

~Ashley, xx 


  1. This is such a pretty Ulta outfit! I like the lace pattern on your tunic. :)

  2. Simply lovely! I adore the combination of lace & pleats. So classy! And your lipstick is simply divine! What brand & shade is it, if I might ask? :)


    1. Totally forgot to included that in my post! 🙈 Anyhow, it is Revlon's Colorstay Moisture Stain in "London Posh". I've been really into a 60s look for my makeup recently.

  3. You look so classy in black Ashley! Super cute work look!

  4. So chic! You can never go wrong with black!

  5. That skirt is perfection! Beautiful, as always!


  6. Love the sleeves on that dress.


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