Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Styling A Striped Tee | Collab w/ Someone Like You

Hello lovelies! I have an exciting blog collab to share with y'all today. I've teamed with the lovely Lauren of Someone Like You to share how we both style a striped tee. Wanna know something crazy? Me and Lauren almost wore matching outfits, but I knew that she would wear an outfit like that for her post so I opted for a more BoHo look. I guess that comes with being a long time reader of her blog, since at least November of 2010 [though I feel like I might have discovered her a little sooner] when she was featured on Chictopia.

What I'm Wearing
Striped Tunic -- Anthropologie via Clothes Mentor [$6]
Hi-Low Skirt -- Made by Me
Sandals -- Target [$16]
Statement Necklace -- Clothes Mentor [$7]
Belt -- Forever 21 [$3.50]
Nail Polish -- Essie in Tart Deco & Butter London [c/o] in Her Majesty's Red
Lip Stain -- Revlon in London Posh

I've kinda fallen in love with today's outfit. I have never wore this particular striped tee with this skirt before, but I'm really digging it (especially with the turquoise statement necklace to pull the whole look together). To add to the bohemian look I wore my hair up in a braided tuck updo.  

Now, this skirt is rather old [in the fashion world] as I made it back in May of 2012 after seeing this style of skirt [and dresses] everywhere. But you know what, I still love it even if I wish that I had drafted the hi part of the skirt differently. If you want to make your very own hi-low skirt, check out my tutorial on how to make your very own.

Don't forget to go check out Lauren's post over at her blog! The above picture is a sneak peek to what you will see. 

~Ashley, xx


  1. Hi Ashley,
    Your outfit is really pretty, I love a good striped t-shirt- definitely an essential item! During Lent, when I had given up shopping as one of my fasts, I saw the most perfect striped top and I was sad not to buy it, but I guess I didn't need it!
    Nice to meet you.x

  2. Love both your outfits. I'm not brave enough to pattern mix, but I love it so much. I'm going to have to push myself to try to do it sometime...
    I'd love to do a collaboration like this sometime with you, email me if you're interested!
    A modest fashion blog:

  3. Loving these photos Ashley! That nail color is beautiful...I used to have Tart Deco, but I went through the whole bottle. I just got Nails Inc. Marylebone High Street which is a very similar shade, though! :)

  4. Thank skirt is so pretty! Love a good high-low!

  5. Hey! I just discovered your blog today, and I love it! Especially since I am a real fashionista as well. Just a question, I got taught that one of the first rules of fashion is to never mix florals and stripes. Maybe that's just me, as I can see that you like it.

    1. Mixing florals and stripes aren't a no-no in fashion anymore, especially when done properly. I have many examples of me mixing all sorts of patterns on my blog here.


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